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A Whole New World of Riders: The Progress in Personal Transportation

Every day, we have to move one way or another. Some cover far distances while others take only several meters at a time. Some need to go to work while others need to run errands. In comes personal transportation options. The progress made in the creation of electric bikes, mopeds, and scooters has transformed the way many people move. These devices have made riding accessible to individuals who used to have car, commute, or dependence on an aide as their only means of getting around. With the arrival of more affordable, more powerful, and even eco-friendly choices, competition among brands has become tighter. At the same time, this raises the standards on how the rides should be crafted and presented to consumers. While we as consumers are happy to have these offerings available at our fingertips, we also have to be more discerning and more informed than ever before purchasing personal transportation products.

Riding Made Easy and Environmentally Friendly

The evolution of electric bikes and scooters has a subtle yet remarkable impact in the lives of riders. Today, portable versions take on the ‘fold and store’ concept, which allows users to take their device wherever they are meant to ride it again. It could be used to cover the last-mile distance or as a means to tackle a trip away from home. This saves them from expending more energy where it is unnecessary. For instance, a person riding the e-bike to the office can do away with the hot and sweaty look, thanks to the boost in pedaling and accelerating power of the unit. Through this option, people save on gas money and spare the environment from harmful emissions. Another example: a person with disability is now able to visit far-off places, thanks to the power and precision of a mobility scooter. Moving around freely and independently has never been more possible than now.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Ride

Have you decided to become part of the riding (albeit silent) revolution? Whether it is on a beginner level, you have quite a number of factors to consider before buying an electric bike, a moped, or a scooter. For electric ones, the most important specs are the motor and its make, maximum speed, and duration on a full charge. How fast you can go also counts even when you are kicking to boot up a scooter or pedaling to power a bike. Then there are the frame, the handlebars, the seats, the deck (for scooters) and the wheels. Their respective measurements and features, such as shock absorption for the seat, need to match your build, riding purpose, and preferences. The design and durability are hard-to-ignore facts as well, and so is the price. All or most of these should go together harmoniously in order for you to say, "Yes, this is a worthy investment for me".

Who Are We?

This site is maintained by authors who review personal transportation products. One of us is a retired accountant who now runs an electric shop in the suburb. The other is a middle-aged college professor who also works as an accountant at a firm. We have used and tried many of these bikes and scooters cited here. For work or play, we have never backed down when it comes to a ride. We know that there is a market composed of people who simply want to move faster and freely. They may not be cyclists or regular riders. But they are just as interested in the features of electric bikes, mopeds, and scooters. They are buying one for the most practical reasons, such as mobility assistance or commute. In some cases, they are buying for either or both parents, their husband or wife, their partner, either or both grandparents, or a friend. All the more, they have to be sure that they are getting value for their money. We are here to support you through our reviews and recommendations of various types and models.

Why Choose & Trust Us?

Our reviews and recommendations are based on first-hand experience, observations of how friends and family fare using their respective devices, and the collective wisdom of consumers online. Today, there are interesting questions and comments that arise in forums and user review sections. If you know where to look, you will be able to get the perspective of multiple individuals at once on just about everything under the sun. But we also know that not everybody has the time to do this. So we stand in for these people who would rather read a comprehensive article than pore over pages and pages of staccato thoughts. This is how we do things a bit differently: we do the poring over pages and pages of scattered thoughts, listen to those voices, and compile them in orderly fashion. We want you to have a good research experience regarding a product. This is what we strive for whenever we review certain products for you, our dear readers.