Nano Ezip Electric Scooter Review

We review the Nano eZip Electric Scooter, a fun way to ride around for kids 8 and up.

First, You Need to Know This

Electric scooters for kids are the in thing these days because of what they can offer, which is an extra burst of speed. But they also help get kids around in an eco-friendly way without sacrificing the fun that these devices provide. One of these is the Nano eZip Electric Scooter from Currie Technologies.

We decided to road test this with one of our kids who likes riding around on electric scooters. What he found was that the experience was exhilarating. At the same time, he was able to exercise a good degree of control over the scooter, steering it to wherever he wanted to go.

Our ongoing interest in personal electric vehicles has led us to explore different types of these electric scooters, whether these are the type that one kicks off and sends the motor going or those that resemble the gas-powered Vespas. For us to try this particular scooter is a treat which we definitely recommend.

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Pros & Cons

Things to consider when looking at the Nano eZip Electric Scooter

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  • It is definitely fun to ride, allowing you to explore an area without worries.
  • It has a long lasting battery and a motor that performs reliably.
  • It can support people up to 150 lbs. with its durable construction.


  • Earlier models may have had some problems with the chain tensioner; check manufacturer literature for troubleshooting.
  • Some owners report that the brake line may, after some time, snap off.

Features & Benefits

A Reliable Battery

The Nano eZip Electric Scooter has a 24 volt, 5 ampere battery that runs for up to 200 discharge cycles. This makes the battery one of the longer lasting ones in the business. It takes 6 to 8 hours to fully charge the battery. Some owners suggest (and we agree) that one should try going for a full discharge for the first four charge cycles before going for shorter recharging cycles when needed. This allows the battery to last longer without any further issues. The idea of having a battery that lasts long is good for electric scooter owners and their families.

Why so, you'd ask? That is because there is comfort in knowing that you have a reliable, long lasting battery that would allow you to operate your electric scooter without worrying about early battery failure. It would not do to have your electric scooter motor die on you in the middle of the ride because of a flaw in the battery. However, one should not take any chances, and we recommend getting in touch with the manufacturer for a spare just in case. This may be an added expense, but it provides owners peace of mind about their scooters' battery.

A Very Sturdy Ride

The Nano eZip Electric Scooter is made of heavy duty, high tensile steel and weighs about 23 pounds, which is light enough for children over eight to push and ride. It has two wheels made of heavy-duty rubber that allows the scooter and its occupant to go the distance while keeping them supported. The handlebars can be removed for easy storage, and the battery box is made of the same solid steel as the body to protect both the box and the motor mechanism. These features, and more, makes this electric scooter a very sturdy ride indeed for its occupant.

What this means for parents and owners of the Nano eZip Electric Scooter is that this vehicle, like its battery, can last as long as the wear and tear riders can do to it. This electric scooter can support up to 150 lbs. of weight, allowing children of most builds to take advantage of the durability of this vehicle. One last touch we haven't mentioned is that the manufacturer also sends over a small can of paint to touch up the vehicle in case of scrapes or very small paint damage, which is a small touch which owners will definitely appreciate.

Going Fast and Far

If you are wondering how far electric scooters can take you, there are some variables you have to consider. First is how heavy the occupant would be. The heavier the occupant, the shorter the range and the slower the vehicle would go, and vice versa. Second would be the terrain, which often varies from path to path. Traveling on a paved road would definitely be much faster and last longer for the motor than traveling on, say, a rocky path. The Nano eZip Electric Scooter can traverse these because of the sturdy way it is constructed, as we mentioned earlier.

In the case of this vehicle, the maximum top speed is 10 miles per hour, which is consistent with top speeds for vehicles of this sort on bike paths and some public roads. Again, this may vary with weight and terrain. And since these vehicles are meant for shorter explorations around the neighborhood, the maximum range that the battery and motor can handle would be five miles. It may be shorter if the terrain or the occupants' weight can handle it. What this means, of course, is that the long battery life helps one ride around longer and faster if they choose to do so.

Safety Through Good Braking

Let's talk a bit about how safe the Nano eZip Electric Scooter is. Actually, it is only as safe as what its riders choose to wear along with it. For electric scooters such as this one, we strongly urge owners to wear helmets and use knee and elbow pads in order to protect their bodies from any potential injury. Owners should also be alert while using the scooter in order to avoid potentially dangerous paths or obstacles in their way, which could lead to serious accidents. But the electric scooter has a way of helping their owners stay safe, and these are good brakes.

While we've mentioned before that some owners report problems with their brake lines, we have generally found that the rear band brakes generally work and do so reliably. We have asked our trial owner to perform stop and go tests where they would start up, run the motor, switch off the motor after a few dozen yards, and try the brakes. We had some good results with the brakes on the unit we have tried. The value of having good brakes is that it can help occupants coast to a full stop, and more importantly provide a way of stopping when dangerous obstacles cross their path.



So far, we have talked about why the Nano eZip Electric Scooter is good for you. We have spoken about the electric scooter's durable construction and how it makes the scooter support a lot of weight. We have also talked about how the battery lasts long enough to allow for months or even years of use. We have discussed how its range and speed allow their riders to explore their neighborhoods in a fun and exciting way. We finally talked about the braking system and how it contributes to the riders' safety in a key way, along with proper safety gear.

We are convinced, as was our trial rider, that the Nano eZip Electric Scooter is worth keeping. It has the basic features people expect to look for in an electric scooter for kids and allows kids to have hours of fun riding around. We hope that you enjoyed reading our review and that it provided you with enough information to make an informed choice about buying such a vehicle for your kid. Until then, we hope that your children have a safe and fun ride aboard their new electric scooters, and that you yourself will enjoy seeing your children have fun.

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