Be Unstoppable: Stories of Mobility Scooter Users

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Rave About the Machine

Ergonomics is the chief concern in choosing a mobility scooter. Style does not often come second, as price and legal issues still need to be addressed. There are multiple features to be considered as well. Some of these are the following: number of seats and wheels; gas- or electric-powered; tiller features; and rider weight capacity that also depends on whether the scooter is a front-wheel or rear-wheel drive (FD or RD). Smaller than an RD, the FD is used indoors and is capable of handling up to 250 pounds. The more heavyweight version of RD can carry a maximum of 500 pounds.

The mobility scooter has different uses, and is able to meet the needs not only of those who have disability but also those with limited mobility. They range from slow to mid-range to heavy in terms of speed. The mid-speeds run between 5 to 7 miles per hour -- or about 8 to 11 kilometers per hour. The slow and steady units are typically used indoors for moving around in the grocery store. In this article, we will show you several types of mobility scooter. We will explain further which ones are better suited to your situation. Keep reading.

The Tzora Hummer XL Mobility Scooter works well on just about any terrain: uneven or flat surfaces; steep inclines or sharp turns; and paved or grassy paths. It is excellent in many ways, starting with its make. Its sturdy looks prove to be more than just meets the eye. Though it is hunky, it brings no trouble when it comes to parking and portability. We recommend it for those who have just recovered from injuries. This is your chance to return to the road without having to exert a lot of effort. It is also great for getting on and off. Those wide deck and seat are nothing if they do not spell comfort and convenience for you. It has a built-in shock-absorbing feature for all those times you hit a bumpy road.

We also love how this mobility scooter is such a gentle and quiet device. The Tzora Hummer XL can be taken out at nights because it does not really create that irritating motor sound. The rider is also protected during evening because of the bright, far-reaching head light. It has all the necessary settings to ensure that your riding experience will be slow and steady 'depending on your weight. And it can take you to places you want to go, those that you frequent without much fuss in the past. You can also do so much more, such as climbing hills and hiking mountains. The goal is to keep you moving, and interestingly so, the Tzora creation was designed to withstand the test of time.

This compact scooter from Drive Medical is just what the doctor ordered. It fits without any issue into the back of a small car. This is good news for people who have had trouble moving around at home, even across the yard. For sure there was a time that they could go wherever they wanted without the aid of another person. But when the disability or age-related issues strike, it changes a lot of things for the individual. Sometimes a walker can only do so much. The mobility scooter not only practically solves this problem; it also brings back hope. And this unit was engineered to slay both purposes: the practical and psychological. What is more: Drive Medical is not about delivering false hopes. Their machine delivers.

This Drive Medical travel scooter is about ease of use: set up, ride, fold up, and transport. That is four steps for you 'though not necessarily done altogether. If you are thinking of buying a travel scooter for yourself or your loved one, such as a parent, then consider this model when you have little space to spare and you want a less complicated process to be able to start traveling again. It is comfortable to ride, a good starter scooter for grocery shopping. The wide seat and big basket would prove it. The tiller is also easy to adjust, giving you more control as to where and how you want to go. This product also offers value for money as it is durable and well-built.

EV Rider is a brand that is known for creating mobility scooters that can fit and be navigated into the narrowest of gaps. Aside from functionality, this device was created with style. The one thing that does not quite fit is that this device sports standard batteries. That puts the machine to a little more than 70 pounds. With replacement lithium batteries, the scooter will weigh 15 pounds lighter. Despite this, what we have here is a travel scooter that can be folded and stored in the car for easy transport. Engineered with parts that are of superior quality, this EV travel scooter is a big help for individuals who need to depend on others, or simple devices like walkers, for their daily and travel needs.

The EV Rider folding mobility scooter is also manageable according to the preferences of its riders. The speed can be shifted so that anyone who is not ready for the full speed can take it slow. The chair is of high-quality and has a low center of gravity, allowing for slow and steady driving especially during grocery shopping. There is also a bag for carrying grocery items and bags. For those who want to change the handlebar, you can easily purchase one from stores like the Home Depot. This device was made thoughtfully by EV Rider to accommodate the various activities that handicapped individuals and the elderly need to do without depending too much on other people. This empowers them to continue doing the things that they would normally do had they been more equipped to do them.

The 3-wheeler Scout is compact and small that you can fit it into your vehicle with some little adjustments of the parts. The back end can be set on neutral and lifted and the front end can be easily rolled inside the car. For users who need the device to move around outdoors, they can leave it in the car and charge the battery while in transit. Drive Medical packed power and functionality in the 3-wheeler Scout so you will have no problem negotiating areas where there is usually resistance, such as grass and uphill climbs. This device sports similar features as the 4-wheeler Scout, among which are the adjustable swivel seat for taller individuals, and the fold-down backrest. Its delta tiller is also adjustable for more freedom in moving.

The best thing about this Drive Medical travel scooter is it is larger than the usual compact type, but it does work like the small, easy-to-navigate one. It is rather priced competitively and by far a less expensive choice than an electric wheelchair or a higher-powered mobility scooter. But it is interesting to note that the unit is just as intense. Drive Medical has done the market another good by rolling out this one. The brand has been known for delivering one sturdy, excellent mobility scooter model after another. It is good to know that there is one brand for the handicapped or the elderly to rely on when it comes to crafting superior travel scooter. This unit will definitely last you for a long time even with heavy use.

The Pride Mobility electric travel scooter is known for being well-built. For its price, it delivers what handicapped and elderly users look for in a mobility scooter: convenience and greater capacity. On top of these, it is also rich in features. This 4-wheel heavy-duty drive is easy to assemble and disassemble. It can be broken down into five lightweight pieces that can be stored into the back of the car for faster transport. This is enhanced by feather-touch disassembly that outlines simple frame separation using one hand. It comes with a deck basket. A charger port in the tiller permits the charging of the on-board battery pack so you will have one less thing to worry about when you are running this travel scooter.

Aside from being a dependable and durable travel scooter, this 4-wheel drive Pride Mobility scooter works great when you simply need to run household chores or run errands in the neighborhood or community. For instance, it provides users with a fantastic ride to the park, the grocery store, or to the fitness center. You can drive it on the sidewalks without much fuss. And even more amazing is its versatility in moving across the yard when you need to clean up, picking up the mail, and simply going out for a breath of fresh air. The elderly and disabled will get a kick out of using this travel scooter for its ease of setup and navigation -- a recommended vehicle for both indoor and outdoor activities.

The EV Rider MiniRider travel scooter is a machine that works best in small spaces and is a breeze to fit into the back of the car. Some users even describe it as cute because of its tiny size. With little to no fuss over navigation, the user can move around and go places without getting bogged down by their injury or disability. Different ages can ride this mobility scooter -- teens or nineties, name it. You can rely on it to squeeze you into supermarket alleys. At the same time, you can steer this scooter along the campground. This device enables individuals to move independently and freely as they desire. Though small, users who as 5'tall report having been able to ride the MiniRider.

The EV Rider MiniRider sports a 400-watt motor. You can crank it up to a good 15 miles on a full charge. For a mini, it performs well as expected. Some users have reported little problems about dragging. Though this might be more of a capacity issue than a performance issue. So take note that the advertised carrying capacity of the MiniRider is 275 pounds. The device also climbs slight inclines without causing issues on the rider. It is as easy to maneuver as it was to assemble. Basically, you just have to set up this product by thinking about its three parts: the seat, the battery, and the chassis. The battery also lasts long, so you can go out for a ride on the MiniRider -- carefree and feeling more productive than ever.

First of all, the scooter should be easy to assemble. Then the components should work together as a whole. The Scout by Drive Medical has all these down pat. It has a swivel seat that can be adjusted according to height and a backrest that can be folded down as needed. The delta tiller, which lets you steer the scooter, works without causing too much fuss. This motor-powered vehicle can run up to 4.25 miles per hour at a maximum range of 9 miles. It is able to manage a weight of 300 pounds. Disassembling the unit is not difficult at all, allowing for painless transport of the machine to other places. Loading them into a bigger vehicle like a car, a van, or a truck is not a problem at all.

Another factor that matters to mobility scooter users is the turning radius. A wide turning radius is often problematic, and it is not hard to see why. Different models will have different treatment of this feature. However, for the Scout, the secret is to unlock the front wheels to avoid the turning radius going too wide. With this unit's portability and speed, it is considered a travel scooter. The Scout will make for a good companion if you are going on a trip that will require a lot of walking and sightseeing. This scooter also sports a carrying basket for various odds and ends -- a factor to consider when you are looking for one to drive when you go out and about the house for errands.


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