The Top Electric Mountain Bikes for All Terrain

Introducing today's top electric mountain bikes, packed with a power range of 300 W to 500 W. Read on to find out which one fits you.

The Assessment

Motor power, efficiency, speed -- these are just three of the qualities that you look for in an electric mountain bike. In this article, we are going to look at seven different models from several brands, assessing their motor power, efficiency, and speed. We will also consider their price -- a major factor -- and their capability in any terrain. On a related note, professional and beginner riders have different needs and preferences. We also had those in mind while we break down the features of the market's top electric mountain bikes. For this edition, we limited the list of choices to the 300 W-500 W ones.

We also understand that, most importantly to a lot of people, riding an e-bike is a lifestyle choice. It is a favored alternative to driving a car or commuting to work. And with the increase of path cycles, we are positive that this practice is going to grow a following around the world. It is only a matter of time. Now, brands tend to upgrade or introduce models across time. So what we recommend at present can change in the future. Yet, we are of the opinion that these are today's top e-bikes. Of course, experts and beginners alike are welcome to share their thoughts and questions through the comments.

We are down to by far the best electric bike we can find in the market, and we will show you why this one is a strong contender. This E-go e-bike has fat tires that can cruise through all kinds of terrain. Snow, beach, mountain, roads, trails, tracks -- all. With 500 W, what can this beast not do? From the assembly, you already get the tools you need to help you out. These tools actually come with the package. The battery is made by Samsung, which is known for using high-capacity cell technology. This superior technology in turn enhances the e-bike riding experience by improving mobility. If you believe you are meant for the outdoors, this electric mountain bicycle is the best match for you.

What you get from the E-go e-bike is a smooth ride on any terrain. But you will also feel the boost especially in difficult routes such as trails and steep hills. The manufacturer recommends topping up speed at 20 mph, but some users reported having been able to go efficiently at 23 mph. One concern that might arise is battery charging time, so let us address that. It usually takes up to 6 hours to recharge the battery pack. This can be justified by the intense 500 W that you get afterward. This e-bike is the best performer when it comes to riding off-road, just as it looks hunky and sturdy when not in use. Interestingly, the E-go fat bike is lighter than it looks.

Dubbed by the manufacturer as the most affordable electric bike in the market, it indeed comes with a price tag that spells out value for money. And do not judge this e-bike by that figure alone, as it rolls out more power than that. Fact: you can get it on Amazon currently at a great price. That is definitely a good deal, if you ask us. Fact: it is a beast at 300 W combined with the 7-speed Shimano gear shifter. It can compete with the more expensive e-bikes in terms of modes through pedal assist and twist throttle. Its maximum rider weight capacity reaches 350 lbs. And it does not stop when the juice is drained. Its Kenda brand tires assure you enjoyable rides outside paved city paths, into the trails and racetracks, if you must.

So you might be wondering: what gives? We think it is only fair to mention here that the X-Treme Scooters Alpine Trails Electric Powered Mountain Bike can run 20 miles at 20 mph on a full charge. Our pragmatic selves can tell you that that is still a great distance to cover. We recommend it to beginner bikers who want to test drive e-bikes as an alternative to cars. With a limited budget, you can rest assured that you are investing in a good-quality bicycle. You get to try a cleaner transport alternative without breaking the bank. At the same time, you are not compromising on form and functionality. Trying out crazy cheap bikes can bring about quality issues, which can cause you more in the long run.

The Freway e-bike is a force to reckon with. Like the TP12, it runs on three modes, so you can get pedal assist or throttle when you want to exert less effort. One advantage of electric bicycles over regular bicycles is obviously their ability to boost your ride while running on battery power. This is especially beneficial for individuals with growing knee or other joint problems. Active senior citizens also favor this type of ride because of its efficiency in traffic. Sometimes, too, the regular bike can feel like a burden to take out and drive to and from work. The motor power solves that problem. In particular, this model has a long-lasting battery pack. You can go up to 60 miles at 28 mph on a full charge.

In addition, the Freway electric motor mountain bike allows for easy acceleration, which is a yay for those who choose a gentle nudge rather than a power surge. The smart controller, on the other hand, can be a deterrent due to its low amp draw. But this can be solved by upgrading the battery pack to a bigger one or two parallel ones. You can also reconfigure the smart controller according to your expertise. What we would love to be considered by eager bikers is this unit's ability to keep you on flat paved surfaces with little pedaling when the battery shuts down. For those who are pushing 60 or 70 yet still want to keep moving, this is not a minor issue that a little pushing cannot solve.

Like the X-Cursion, this Ancheer electric mountain bike is a folding type e-bike. You can easily fold it up and carry it with you when you are at home or work. This is particularly useful and practical in case the parking space or bike rack is full. Unlike the porky mountain bike types, this one is a champ in the space-saving department. This makes it a capable everyday transportation option for those who want to avoid the traffic and increase their reliance on clean energy. The stay clean-pant guard and front and rear fenders are another winning feature of this bike. According to the manufacturer, the fenders keep dirt and slashes off work clothes, so it is perfect for those who ride to and from work.

With a pedal assist feature, you can get the boost that you need when you do not want to get hot and sweaty -- especially when you are just about to show up in the office. Though we do not decide based on aesthetics alone, may we say here that we like the LED lights and electric horn that come with this Ancheer folding e-bike. The lights have this cool retro look that we dig (probably because we are old). Also, as more cycle paths are paved, having to ride this thing is a next big investment to have after buying an electric car, which is cooler but way more expensive at the moment. So, we would love to see more capable and more efficient e-bikes in the near future.

Also called the X-Cursion, the X-Treme Scooter folding mountain e-bike is an adventure in itself. Built with 7-Speed Shimano Tourney Gears and Shifter System -- same as the X-Treme Trail Maker -- you get to choose from 21 different gear combinations during a ride. When we talk about shifting gears, we are not only referring to the speed by which the bike can go. Instead, it is more about the usage that comes with the variety of combinations. For neophytes, it is important to remember that the right shifter controls the front derailleur while the left shifter controls the rear derailleur. With 7-speed Shimano gears, you will typically find 1, 2, 3 on the left shifter and 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 on the right shifter.

When you match all those figures on the right with those of the left, you achieve specific types of usage. Depending on your purpose, you can adjust the gears accordingly. To give you a better picture of what the X-Treme Scooters folding electric mountain bike is capable of, here are the sample combinations. The right shifter at 1 matched with the left shifter at 1, 2 , or 3 will allow you to tackle ascents or climbs to elevated areas. The 2 matched with 3, 4, 5, or 6 will yield capabilities on flat surfaces with slight elevations. The 3 matched with 5, 6, or 7 will bring about a smooth descent and a boost to your flat surface ride. It is indeed thrilling how much you can do with an energy-efficient bike like X-Cursion.

The X-Treme Trail Maker is a strong performer on an extreme range of terrains. Riders can expect a very smooth ride on paved flat surfaces. Acceleration does not cause any issue, so you can run pretty easily at 25 mph. When you go off-road and reach the trails, you can still rely on that great speed even while you are running on electric power alone. This e-bike will give you the boost you need when you navigate the uphill climb, thanks to its Kenda tires. Aside from the typical sensation of a bicycle ride, its front-end and seatpost cushion you from the shock caused by bumpy roads. It is very capable as you go further and hit advanced trails. All these qualities you also get at a more affordable price point.

The X-Treme Trail Maker is powered by a lithium ion battery, which is the best kind of battery bag to have for an electric mountain bike. The rear motor can be taken out without much fuss when changing a flat rear tire. At the same time, the seat can be adjusted according to the rider's needs. The handle bars can also be extended or positioned at a different angle, through an accessory that can be bought separately, to accommodate taller riders. This e-bike is also relatively easy to install, taking around 2-4 hours. But we would recommend the Trail Maker to more experienced bikers and something else for new ones. Overall, you get what you pay for with this hunk from X-Treme, and then some.

The Rich Bit TP12 is every inch what electric bike should be: heavy-duty, works on any terrain, and packed with power. Its fat tires are remarkable at 4 inches wide, allowing for a stronger grip on the ground. You can reach up to 28 miles running 22 mph on battery alone. With little assistance on the pedal, you can push it to go a bit further. It is powered by a Hengtai 350 W Brushless Hub Motor, making it a highly-efficient e-bike. There are also three modes to choose from, so you won't have to get stuck: twist throttle, pedal and power assisted, and turn off power and pedal only. When you are going up a steep slope, you can always hit the motor, and when you are on a flat road, you can always switch to pedal only. The TP12 can last you 40-45 kilometers on full throttle.

Just one concern about the Rich Bit TP12 is its heavy weight, which is a good 57 pounds. It can be a drag if you are pedaling without motor power at a distance. Given its bear of a frame, it can also be a challenge to assemble especially for beginner bikers. Still, it would be a disservice to have a lighter bike with components of lesser quality. The TP12 is built for everyday and off-road cycling. In hotter weather, when you don't want to get sweaty and all (for instance, you are biking to work), the pedal assist makes a world of difference. During colder months -- at winter, to be exact -- this e-bike can plow through the snow. As with most e-bikes, its battery takes 2-4 hours to charge in full. What's more to love about the TP12? It comes in different colors such as blue, orange, green, and yellow.


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