Four Reasons You Should Commute With Electric Scooters

We discuss four reasons why you should commute with electric scooters.

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Let's start

We all commute every day. We often take cars or vans around town to take us from home to work or to school and back. Sometimes we take trains and buses that allow us to relax a bit while someone else does the driving. But there are those times for which we do not need to take these transportation options. For instance, what if our school happens to be a short way away? What if we need to make a short trip to the grocery for some goods that do not need a whole car to carry? What if we need to meet friends at a nearby park? An electric scooter would be a good option.

We are familiar with electric scooters and why they are a huge advantage for people who use them. That is why, after some thought, we came up with four good reasons why people should use electric scooters for short commutes. We believe short commutes are the best place for these. For one, battery life for electric scooters would not be good for longer drives. For another, it is a challenge taking them on the road for longer trips to and from, say, the office. That is why we prefer to use them, as hopefully you do, on shorter trips that aren't meant to be covered by conventional means of transport such as cars, buses, or trains.

Efficiency and the Environment

The first two reasons we will give should be familiar to you who know quite a bit about why you bought your electric scooter in the first place. The first one is efficiency. The electric scooter allows you to get from point A to point B in the minimum amount of time, probably halfway between how fast a car can go and more than twice as fast than a bike or walking can take you. Though we do not mean to disparage the health benefits of the latter, we believe that you deserve more time at your destination to enjoy or benefit from what you plan to do. And obviously, the chief problem with taking a car anywhere is finding parking, which costs you plenty of time. If you have a scooter and a bike chain, all you have to worry about is finding space at a rack for your device.

The second reason is that taking an electric scooter may very well be the best environmentally friendly option you might have for a short commute. Rather than taking a motorbike, a motorized scooter, or a conventional moped, or even a car, all of which burn harmful fossil fuels, an electric scooter does not use any gas or diesel at all. The only costs you will have to incur would be those on your electric bill when charging the battery on your electric scooter. After all, we suppose you are aware of the impact we leave on the earth by our consumption of fossil fuels that generate greenhouse gases. Our contribution to the health of the planet is very important. But the impact is more immediate. Exposure to the fumes and smoke from fossil fuels may be bad for the respiratory systems of others. After all, you don't want your neighbors to get sick, we suppose?

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Fun and Street Legal

The third reason for getting electric scooters is that, depending on the jurisdiction, you don't really need to worry about the paperwork. You don't need to register an electric scooter, and in some jurisdictions, you merely need a driver's license without special qualifications. There are just some rules that apply in different jurisdictions regarding what exactly can be counted as a motorized scooter, under which electric scooters often fall. There are often speed limits imposed on how fast you can go with a motorized scooter, and there are some roads you cannot use unless you use them on a bike lane with bikes and other like forms of transport. Otherwise, it is safe to say that electric scooters are mostly street legal. Remember that when you buy an electric scooter, be aware of all the laws applying in your jurisdiction to these vehicles. It is not a good idea to get a ticket because you did not know exactly what these are!

Fourth and lastly, the chief reason we feel electric scooters are the best option for commuting over short distances is that it is fun! Imagine the wind flowing past your helmeted hair, or the thrill of gently weaving through quiet streets on the way to your destination. Think about the times you felt good when you were riding a scooter and you got to see things you never noticed before when you were on a car. Think about how you used to ride scooters when you were a kid and found the sense of adventure thrilling. Now that you are older, that sense of adventure may very well be what you need as you get through the drudgery of life. Of course, being adventurous means not ignoring safety. Don't forget to wear a helmet, and if possible, use some form of leg protection. And be sure to stay alert, because you will never know what will cross your path when you use your electric scooter!

Make electric scooters your commuting choice

We just shared with you four reasons why you should choose to commute with electric scooters over short distances. The first reason is that it is the most efficient way of getting from one point to another. The second is that it will minimize your impact on the environment. The third is that in most cases you can use it without special paperwork such as registration or insurance. The last reason, simply, is that it is the most fun thing you can do to spice up your life! For these reasons, we are happy to use electric scooters for our daily, short distance commutes.

Thank you very much for enjoying what we have to say. If you are truly curious as to why you should choose electric scooters or other electric vehicles such as mopeds, e-bikes,or motor scooters why not check out other articles on our website? We have plenty of information that will help you make an informed choice about these transportation options. We also have product reviews that will give you an idea of the best electric scooters on the market. We hope you will enjoy the thrill of taking an electric scooter on the road with you. Until then, do stay safe.