7 Electric Trikes for Kids and Kids at Heart

There are different electric trikes that cater to children and adults. Here, we outlined their features to help you decide which one is best to buy.

What You Need to Know About Electric Trikes

Electric trikes and scooters are not exactly as powerful as electric bikes. But they do cater to the needs of children and adults. Among these are the need for slower speed, more control, an alternative to driving cars, and a mobility device for senior citizens. Three-wheelers can also cost less than e-bikes, this without the manufacturer compromising on the unit's performance. In recent years, the electric trikes have become useful for running errands, commuting to and from work, assisting the mobility of the elderly, acting as a replacement vehicle for people who are struggling with balancing two wheels, and simply having fun.

In this article, we outlined the different uses of the electric bikes. We also introduced the features and other specs of 10 electric trikes. After that, we looked into the price and gauged the quality of each model. Then we decided to rank them according to these factors. We wanted to help consumers understand the product first and then guide them in their decision-making process. So here is our no-holds-barred take on the existing electric trikes in the market, from the least to the greatest. Take note that each product has one or more highlighted qualities, but of course, we also laid down to you their cons.

A thing of beauty, this mini e-bike slash electric scooter is made of aviation aluminum alloy. TopMate crafted this to be durable while at the same time light enough to lug around. The design and size work for individuals who are looking for a cross between an e-bike and a scooter that is useful for commuting to and from work. It is portable and foldable. Opening and closing it only takes seconds. It weighs only 11 kilograms but is capable of carrying up to 120 kilograms. The patented design looks sharp and stylish that it attracts attention when taken out. For the current price tag, purchasing this sounds like an amazing deal especially for people who are having balance issues with two-wheelers.

Powered by a 250W brushless motor, it can crank up at a maximum 20 kmh. It can go up to 25 kilometers before it runs out of juice. It also comes with a dual-mode brushless controller as well as free inflatable tires. One downside to this model, however, is that it is not as efficient on hills as it is on flat and paved surfaces. But for city dwellers who often have to cruise through cycle paths, this is an ideal scooter to use. It is also the most budget-conscious choice for people who are not keen to buy an e-bike and find the price range of scooters still painful in the wallet. With its superior quality, the TopMate electric trike performs and satisfies.

This three-wheeler from Razor looks like it has been plucked out of a sci-fi film. But it is the real thing. Kids are surely going to have the time of their life riding this electric trike. It can accommodate children as young as 8 years old. Now onto the specs. Armed with a push button throttle, it can blast up to 9 mph and will last up to 40 minutes if used nonstop. A combination of plastic, rubber, and steel, the Power Rider stays in shape even if it is driven regularly in and out of the house. The rear caster wheels allow kids to run the machine in circles or head straight to race each other. At the same time, it is important to train them to use the hand brake in coordination with their speed.

The kids would love how the Razor Power Rider is fast and super fun to drive. But this is also why it is a must for parents buy the proper gear to ensure the safety of their kids even while enjoying the scooter. It is a heavyweight for a kid's toy, but that can be managed when the kid is taught how to control it. Other than safety concerns that parents must address at any given time, the Power Rider is totally kid-friendly. It also wins in durability it can be passed on to the younger siblings once the original rider has outgrown it. The battery life could have been packed with more power, but for its price, the unit is considered a good buy.

Act-On's version of an electric trike also comes with a sit or stand option. Not only that, the manufacturer also came up with a model that can be folded and carried without fuss from one place to another. The Act-On M scooter is ideal for short commute and running errands. It does away with the issue of finding an available spot in the bike rack because of its foldability. With 350W motor, like the Big Toys scooter, it can boost the rider's ascent by up to 9%. A powerful performer, it can accelerate at 12 mph top speed. A three-hour charge can also run 28 miles, so it is recommended for people who live near the workplace and want to skip the traffic or save on gas.

The Act-On M Scooter also comes with twin LED headlights to help the rider pass through dark areas and during nighttime. For those who want to be more daring, this electric trike can be transported via plane for that ultimate foreign riding experience. This scooter proves its versatility as it offers the rider a smooth ride on flat and hilly surfaces, on the gravel or the sand, and in streets and grassy lands. Though this has not been FDA-approved to act as a mobility device, it can still be used as an alternative to a regular bike especially for people with special needs. The setting can be adjusted to high or low so the device goes fast or slow, depending on the user's ability and preference.

Driving a scooter while sitting or standing? Either is okay, says Big Toys USA. The MotoTec Electric Trike is designed to support the driver's needs. It performs well whenever and wherever, be it at an event, for security work, at a warehouse floor, or simply riding around the neighborhood to enjoy some fresh air. This thing can be cranked up at a maximum 15 mph, allowing the rider to reach around 20 miles on a full charge. It can be easily a contender to electric bikes but for only half of the price. It is also powered by the same 350W brushless hub motor that can be found in most high-quality e-bikes. What is not to love about this personal transporter? It deserves a solid 5-star rating.

Kids and kids at heart aged 13 above can take this out for a spin. The Big Toys USA MotoTec Electric Trike is easy to operate and navigate. Plus, it has a twist throttle function and a left handle front drum brake system. Every part of this personal transporter is useful. It comes with a key, battery light, LED headlight, and carrying basket. Looking at it, it is not hard to see that this is a complete package. It also goes beyond expectations, as it is a strong performer on hilly terrain. It has a shock absorber that decreases those bumpy rides on trails and uneven surfaces. Getting around town and doing grocery shopping even become exciting chores when one is riding this electric trike.

For those who have been accustomed to electric bikes, it might take some time to adjust to a trike. However, the best part is if the unit has baskets for running errands, such as delivering packages to friends and relatives personally and buying items in the supermarket. What will attract potential buyers to this eWheels electric trike are the front and rear baskets. And boy, are they huge! The trike is mostly recommended for individuals who do not need much assistance in their day-to-day transport. People who would want to work out more intensively can ride this trike instead of walking to the local store. With the baskets, this is perfect for carting packages that cannot be carried while walking from Point A to B. It will run a good 3 to 4 miles.

Very little assembly is needed after the eWheels electric trike gets delivered to its owner. Just a little tip: the electric trike needs to be lifted in order to charge the battery. Users must be careful when lifting or charging the battery in order to not hurt themselves. As with any other electric trike, proper maintenance of the unit is a must so that it will last longer under the user's watch. It is also highly recommended that first-time riders do practice runs covering short distances. A test drive in the neighborhood would be a reason to breathe in the fresh air -- fun and practical. And lastly, some users might find the seat too small or uncomfortable, so an adjustment or modification must be made.

This one is for all ages. Kids and dads -- and moms, too! -- can take it for a spin in the neighborhood, without the neighbors complaining. It can speed up to 9 mph and run for 40 to 45 minutes on full charge. If the kids are too young to take on two wheels, this scooter can definitely bring them up to speed. With just one kick, the scooter takes off. The handles are stable enough to keep them from wobbling. This is a good starter ride for them as it is easy to control, requiring a little leaning during turns. It is a great machine for playing and racing and simply having fun. Even the adults can join in, as the Razor scooter can handle up to 170 lbs.

Razor scooters are also generally known to be sturdy and durable. That said, the wheels are of a hard make so it can be bumpy when the rider hits sidewalks with holes and cracks. But that is a detail that can be overlooked. And as long as kids stay on paved surfaces, they will be fine. Grassy areas can be a bit of a challenge, too. But the most adventurous kid can be zipping without a care in the world anywhere with this thing. This is a most recommended present by parents and grandparents alike. The scooter keeps kids active outdoors. At the same time, it allows them to learn how to keep their balance and control their body. By extension, this is a gift to the parents themselves.

This three-wheeled motor-powered vehicle offers stability for people who have balance and mobility issues. Motor HQ put high-quality components together such as ceramic coating cylinder technology and stainless steel for the wheels. Its max speed is at 45 mph, but it is recommended that riders go slower than this. It is not only designed for senior citizens or people with disabilities but also anyone who is looking to try an electric vehicle without the necessary power that propels e-bikes. This is for people who need to run errands daily but cannot or will not drive a car. This comes with a lithium ion battery that sits on the rear. This high-speed trike also comes with front brakes and rear brakes to ensure safety on the road.

Meanwhile, leaning toward the maximum speed of the Motor HQ is still an option. If you are feeling more adventurous, why not also test drive this electric trike? At 143 lbs, it is relatively easy to carry or lug into your car if you are going for a trip. It can surely pump adrenaline into a vacation with family and friends in the suburbia. The seat is around 3 inches high, so it is recommended only for individuals who are 16 years old and up. This thing can showcase its capability in the city and beyond, given its high-strength steel frame. Also, it comes in blue, red, and orange. The Motor HQ electric trike looks sturdy and powerful -- and it will not also bail out performance-wise.


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