The Best Folding Electric Bikes For Sale

Here are your options for the best folding electric bikes available in the market today

What You Need To Know Up Front About Folding Bikes

Electric bicycles are great alternatives to traditional bikes, especially when you need to go a long distance and decide to ride on a bike rather than on any other transportation mode. Electric bicycles likewise offer the confidence to bike as it comes installed with motors that will assist your pedaling when you get tired or not fit enough to complete the ride. There are also other benefits that an electric bicycle provides (especially for those who would rather go green than spend more on gas and add to the pollution in the environment). Electric bikes helps much when going up steep and uneven roads. It also encourages you to ride more often, hence a greater possibility for you to be fit as the probability of you alternating self-propelling and biking on battery mode will be increased. Lastly, riding ebikes requires very minimal effort, hence you can still be going off your electric bike as fresh as you have first come up for a ride

Whatever your reasons are for choosing an electric bicycle over a standard bicycle, there are times that you will need to store the ebike before and after using it, or when alternating a conventional transport mode (such as the car, a bus, a plane) with an ebike. As manufacturers spend time to research and plan for new designs, they also take in consideration the reviews of customers who have tried their existing product lines. From these reviews as well as from the point of view of the manufacturers, we have come up with a list of the best folding electronic bikes available for sale in the market today. With the number of reviews as well as subjects we have written on that are always related to providing an educated take on technology and trends, we can assure you that you will be given what most consider as a comprehensive review of available information on certain brands. This will help you make a smart choice every time.

ProdecoTech still remains ahead of the game by providing what is considered the best electric bicycles in the country. The ProdecoTech Phantom series is generally considered the most affordable and aggressive electric bikes available on the market. Riders rave about the elite components and functionality that this black-and-red beauty extends to its first time users as a new product model is launched. Genesis v5F 36V300W 8 Speed Electric Bicycle provides a new design frame with a 14.25Ah battery that is arranged in the downtube and a brand new rear rack-mount design. All of these are excellently powered by Samsung battery cells.

The brushed aluminum Genesis is like no other. Its features make its outstanding sleek personality more admirable: the 300-watt free-spinning motor placed in its front wheel, which delivers 500 watts at peak--- this is surely the synthesis of power and unparalleled performance. To engage the motor, just turn the half-twist throttle for "power-on-demand" and reach speeds of up to 18 mph. Its 36-volt, 10.4 amp, high-capacity Samsung cell battery allows green energy efficiency and results in a riding distances of 18 to 25 miles per charge of. It also comes with an ever reliable SRAM X5 Derailleur and an X7 Twist 8-speed shifter ensure an effortless ride while offering the option of pedaling for exercise. In addition, the Avid BB7 disc brakes and Avid 180-millimeter HS1 heat-shedding rotors supply reliable stopping performance. Triple-wall deep 25-millimeter rims add strength and rigidity to the Genesis v5. The lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminum alloy frame folds for easy storage.

Stowabike 20" City Compact Folding Bike one amongst the most affordable bikes in the world. If you are looking for a very functional ebike that is built to perform, but won't cut deep into your pockets, then this is the ebike for you. It comes installed with a number of great features that ensure that you will have the very best riding experience any time. This features include the following: Shimano 6 speed gears that are powerful enough to ease the bike when climbing up gentle and low hills. In general, however, riding on this bike is quite smooth and steady. The main feature, of course, is the ability of this ebike to fold effortlessly for an easier storage of the unit.

More features make the Stowabike 20" the best among its kind: the steel V-brakes that work efficiently to ensure safety as well as very minimal potential risks on the roads; long fenders to keep the riders clean while they ride during adverse weather; built in steel mudguards; a built-in rack for storing up to 200 lbs. Its dimensions when not folded is : 60.2 x 25.6 x 35.8in, when folded: 34 x 9 x 23.2in. It weighs 34.1lbs. All of these make each ride a more convenient and efficient one.

CX4 Pro Suspension Foldaway Electric Bike is another innovative design by Cyclamatic, a market leader in producing economical electric bikes. By combining enhanced power with convenience and practicality in Cx4 Pro Dual Suspension Foldaway E-Bike, the company has, once again proven that its possible to mix the traditional with the contemporary to make a remarkably innovative product that many will benefit from. After considering its customers' feedback, the designers at Cyclamatic considered adding more power to their bike with a souped-up motor made with a new type quick release connection.

With the upgrades this new ebike is now capable of easily folding and incredible performance. For those who want to enjoy a quick ride under the sun while hoping from a distant place to another, having the Cx4 Pro Dual Suspension Foldaway E-Bike is a great alternative. A primary reason for this is the capability of this ebike to be folded easily and stored wherever there is enough space . This ebike folds at a mid-point on the cross bar and the stem of the handle bar using a unique quick-lock-release system. a More than being foldable, this innovative ebike is able to perform at its best with all the features that have it had been designed with, including a 250w brushless motor that allows the ebike travel at the 15mph road speed limit, with a maximum speed of 15.5 mph.

A recent addition to the Cyclamatic product range is the Foldaway Electric Bike. The CX2 Bicycle Electric Foldaway Bike is an all-around bike that be used as a standard push that relies on personal propulsion. This can also be on a fully powered setting, which will allow you to propel from stationary to an optimum cruising speed without exerting physical power. This ebike offers quality, portability, strength, power, and versatility combined in one great product.

These are the features that make this electronic bike simply outstanding: an intuitive twist-shift acceleration with easy thumb shift-change Shimano gears; 20" wheels with stainless steel spokes; Lithium-ion battery that provides huge power (up to20 milesrange) but weighs a fraction of traditional lead-acid batteries; heavy duty battery - 24 volts and 8Amp; Samson Champion tires; natural Polished aluminium frame; Shimano Tourney SIS-Index gears. This ebike when assembled measures 64" x 43", when folded, it measures 35" x28" x 19" , and the seat height i s 31.5" - 42.5". There are more to experience that just having known the features of this efficient folding electronic bikes.

"Onway," when translated means high-quality, good-service, rapid-creativity. That is why the products that they offer to the market are just reflections of the qualities that they stand for. Onway provides large selection of electric bicycle, "Free man"--Fat tire all terrain E-bike, "Discoverer"--Mountain E-bike; "Traveler"--Travel E-bike(F&M)"Tiny Transformer"--Folding E-bike; "Dreamer"--City E-bike(F&M). Excellent features that come with each unit includes: 20" foldable aluminium alloy material for the main component Frame; lightweight and durable fork aluminium alloy fork; APSE front and rear V brake; Kenda 20*1.95 tires; 24V brushless hall effect, intelligent sine wave controller Display: power on/off battery indicator, 3-level assist, LED mode Light: LED light, low consumption, long-acting and durable Battery: 24V 9AH, built-in lithium battery, long battery life Charger: 42V/2A DC2.0 Performance PAS(pedal assist system)&TAG(twist and go).

And those are just the beginning. There are more: Gears SHIMANO 6 speed Electrical system Motor: rear wheel 250W brushless, hall effect, high speed and low noise; Motor controller: Mode Max speed: 16mile/h Max distance: 43miles Max load: 187lbs Charging time: 4-6H Warranty 1. Battery :18 months warranty (battery capacity less than 80% renewed in six months, one year maintenance; start from the date of calculation). 2. Frame: 3 year warranty (only in normal use which means that only one person ride,can't carry two or more) 3.Other unlabeled consumables such as lamp /pedal / tires:1 month warranty. 4. Gear wheel/fork/chain/charger/front axle/rear axle/flywheel: 6 months warranty 5. Display/controller/motor:18 months warranty. Such a number of great features for a price that is difficult to beat. Surely you will get what you pay for.

Prodeco Technologies, maker of the Phantom X2 8 Speed Folding Electric Bicycle is generally known for designing top quality controlled bicycles in the USA. Among the products that have been well-accepted in the market includes great folding electric bikes like Prodeco V3 Mariner Sport or Prodeco Technologies G Plus Mariner 7. Over time Prodeco has proven that customers come first to their mind when fashioning electric bikes to be offered to the anticipating market. With the Phantom X2 8 Speed Folding Electric Bicycle, customers have a better option when deciding which will best serve their purpose.

This black beauty has a charm that reverberates, hence draws many to know more about its intensity. This electronic folding bike's power on demand propulsion throttle allows rider to glide effortlessly on the road. Riders have the choice to pedal the bike just like a regular bicycle for their regular exercise routine. This lessens the time spent on the bike. However, the enjoyment though may have not physically lasted longer than expected, it is something to be grateful for it made you reach your destination quicker, safely, and with less effort. As the ebike is foldable, you can keep it inside your car or store it the house or within other facilities. Its charging time is 5.5 hours and covers 28-38 miles before the batteries need to be charged.

The Watseka XP Cargo Electric Bicycle is an environment-friendly and excellently crafted electric bicycle that will get you back on the road over and over again in comfort and style.As it is powered by a 250W brushless rear drive motor with a 36V 9Ah battery pack, the Watseka XP Cargo-Electric offers a lot of power to get you to where you would like to be. This is what it means to travel in style and comfort as you are provided with all the features that will make every riding moments a pleasure.

Here is a list of what you will get with a purchase of this folding electric bicycle: selectable motor assist via pedal or twist throttle, "Smooth Twist" throttle that prevents rider fatigue over time, 2 ignition keys,The Watseka XP's battery pack that can only be removed with the supplied ignition keys, easy tilt seat design for quick battery removal (battery removal is not required to charge the battery pack), front light, rear light, horn, bell, front basket and rear cargo rack included, an updated owner's manual with a complete and comprehensive instructions included (to making your first use simply breathtaking), a unique serial # stamped onto the frame, charger, and battery pack that weighs 22 lbs. With all these features ready, you only have to think of how you can make each journey one of a kind.

Want to be anywhere quickly, efficiently, invigoratingly, while being environment friendly? Try BoBs (Battery Operated Bicycles). There are so many types of folding bicycles as well as folding electric bicycles. However, the basics are just the same. For instance the BOB. The B.O.B. folding e-bike offers you a lot more features for a more plasureable ride every time. This e-Mazing innovations bike extends all the advantages of portability with an great way to commute.

If you want to go green, you can just turn off the ebike's battery and have a healthy way of trimming your body and relaxing your mind. Turn on the motor, and you transform the placid ride to an even more excellent mobility device. This bike comes with a 36 V Lithium ion battery, and an easy instant pull-up folding design. It is super light weight at only 35 lbs with battery, that helps it to achieve a max speed of 20 mph, and at a distance of 20 miles on a single charge. The maximum weight capacity that this e-bike can hold is up to 250 lbs.

The 20" GTM folding bike is a creatively designed ebike that offers comfortable riding experience. It's lightweight, quite manageable, and even easy to be folded, stored or transported. If you are looking for a great ride to work, enjoy the city, camp, or just stay connected with other by being physically in their location, this ebike is an option you should really consider. This is an all-around every day use you will definitely want to have at home or at work. Linear pull brakes provide great stopping power Adjustable Handle Bar Height.

Other features that come with every GTM 20" 6 Speed Foldable Bicycle purchase: 20" folding frame, 20" steel rigid fork (durable), an adjustable handle bar made of alloy and coloured sandblast black, a steel rear type kickstand, a steel pipe rear carrier, double wall alloy rims, 20" x 1.75" black tires without logo, Shimano Ty21,6Spd,Index,Black Guide,Black, power steel v-brake, and brown steel chain that measures 1/2x3/32x114L . The overall weight of the ebike is 34.20 lbs.

Electronic Folding Aluminum Bicycle by Enzo is among the lightest and most durable folding bikes on the market. It fits even in the trunk of a vehicle. It comes with a detachable battery (as most electric bikes) that matches nicely inside the bike's frame. The bike's frame has an extra room on the bike you can use to store your devices. You can also use the rear freight shelf to keep your things while you are in transit.

This ebike can be used as a traditional bike or as a battery powered bicycle. Either way, you get most of what this innovative bicycle can offer. Enzo bikes are designed with corrosion resistance aluminum frame, titanium screws, and waterproof cabling to ensure that each component will last long. Other features that go with each unit of the Enzo ebikes are as follows: rear direct drive 350-watt brushless, front/rear 160 mm disc brakes with power cut-off when braking, on/off digital LED that displays the battery life, speed, pedal help, as well as throttle control, personalized mag wire harness that are molded with waterproof fast connecting plugs color worked with for very easy repair works derailleur, Shimano 6 speed front yet back lights, flexible light weight aluminum seat, Samsung 36V 8Ah battery, storage/carry bag, aluminum back rack, and a 2 year limited warranty.

Make everyday cruise as pleasurable as possible, whether you are just cruising around to have some fun, or running to do an important assignment for the moment, with the Yukon Yukon Trail Bicycles Folding Electric Bike. Electric bikes like this is the most practical and economical alternative to modern transportation. This folding electric bicycle comes with a number of features including the following: display LCD with 3-speed function, maximum speed of up to 15 miles per hour and a distance range of up to 20 miles per single charge, alloy frame, rigid steel fork, saddle with wide leather, tires that are 20 inches x 1.95 inches wide, and a charger.

This leek and stylish electric bike can take you wherever you want the quickest time with a propeller that is quite efficient that it makes you save a lot. With a lightweight electronic bike as this, you wouldn't have to worry where you need to store the ebike when not in use. You won't have to worry about practically anything that concerns the bike and riding it, as Yukon have provided the answers already by providing you with an electric bike suitable for every driving needs.

The Mariner 7-8 Speed Folding Electric Bike by Prodeco is the latest addition to the well-respected Mariner line. It could just be one of the best folding electronic bikes for commuting in the Prodeco product range. It comes with the eight speed SRAMX7 twist shifters that offer smooth and quick transitions between gears. The 9 Amp, 36 Volt LiFePO4 battery that also comes with every Mariner 8 Speed Folding ebike allows it to run a distance between 25-35 miles per charge. Its front and rear Avid BBR disc brakes provide excellent control when stopping. It also comes with the KMC lightweight chain that is extremely durable and allows quick and smooth shifting.

The whole unit includes a drive train with eight speeds, a free spinning, 300-Watt, powerful motor, that is mounted on the front of the ebike. It delivers an aggressive 500 watts at its peak power that allows to reach speeds up to 18 miles every hour. It has a power-on-demand propulsion system with changing throttle. This e-bike can also be pedaled like a conventional bike, making it a preferred version over the standard bike by many. Each purchase of the Mariner comes with a two-year warranty.

Freego High-tech Corporation Limited manufactures and sells self balance electric scooters. The company's product line includes: 19" on-road big wheel segway scooter , 21" off-road big wheel model, and 10" smallest segway scooter with handle, and 6.5", 8" and 10" mini smart self-balancing scooters. One of the most innovative design from Freego is the sleek K-shaped Freego Ultra Light 25 LB 36 V 7.2 AH Lithium Battery 3 wheel folding electric bike with LCD display. This ultra cool folding electric bike is made of aircraft aluminum alloy that lends to it a durable, anti-corrosion, and ultra light properties. It weighs only 25lbs.

It runs on a lithium battery that can provide strong acceleration and output to the bike. With a fully charged battery, the maximum driving distance is about 25-30km. The maximum load capacity is up to 220lb. The Freego Ultra Light Wheel Folding Electric Bike is safe for both kids and adults and provides an enjoyable ride every time. As it can easily be folded, you won't have any problem bringing it with you and storing inside the car when not in use. For a convenient cruise within short distances, you can rely on this ultra slick Freego folding electric bicycle.

The X-Cursion Electric Mountain Bike by X-Treme Scooters is a folding electric bike powered by Lithium battery. This feature is great for those who requires their mountain bikes to be easily transported or stored. It is designed with high quality line components that include a 7 Speed Shimano Tourney, 7 Lightweight Lithium Ion Batteries, Gears and Shifter System, a 100% Aluminum Alloy Frame, a front and rear suspension, a fully adjustable seat, and an RST Capa T7 front fork. This folding electric mountain bike is perfect for anyone who requires a lightweight foldable mode of reliable transportation. It runs on a 300 Watt rear hub motor, and runs up to 35m on a single charge.

X-Cursion comes in three colors: red, natural polished aluminum, and black. The forks installed are made in Taiwan, the tires are by Kenda, and the Shimano Gears are from the USA. It comes with a quick release front wheel, sealed wheel bearings, sealed quick change plug for power to the rear wheel, a LED portable light and a kick stand. A switch is installed to the handle bar which allows the driver to turn on / off the PAS system (Power Assist System). Its battery level is located on the top of the battery. It carries up to 350 lbs. The whole unit weighs 52 lbs.


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