Freway Mountain Electric Bike Review

We review the Freway Mountain Electric Bike, which helps active cyclists move faster.

First, You Need to Know This

Are you a frequent biker? Do you want a high-performance, well-designed bike that offers a good cycling experience? Do you want one that also helps you along tough and hilly paths while you're at it? This is what the Freway Mountain Electric Bike is meant to be for cyclists, especially active ones.

The Freway Mountain Electric Bike is one of the more interesting electric bikes we've reviewed. With a minimalist mid-range engine that helps cyclists get up hills, and a way to track the progress you've made, this bike allows you to make your cycling more efficient while keeping the experience enjoyable.

We are cycling enthusiasts who have a strong preference for bikes that keep us active while helping us enjoy the ride. That is why we have a strong preference for this bike too. We have had a good experience riding it, but we also had some minor concerns to note about this one.

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Pros & Cons

Things to consider when looking at the Freway Mountain Electric Bike

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  • This lightweight bike weighs in at around 43 pounds.
  • The well-designed bike makes use of a Shimano 27-speed control system and high-quality tires and accessories.
  • This bike has disc brakes that work to keep riders safe.


  • There may be some issues with the speedometer and pedometer's accuracy; calibrate before using.
  • The Freway Vigor System's color monitor may not entirely be visible in strong sunlight.

Features & Benefits

Your Extra Assist

The Freway Mountain Electric Bike is one of those electric bikes which is not entirely meant to be throttled so much as to guide your biking along. That is why the motor is meant to be that way, a 250 watt electric motor powered by a 36 volt, 10 ampere battery. The battery is portable enough so that you could remove it and take it along with you if you leave your bike some place. The motor is enough to offer a push to guide you either on a straight bike path or up a steep slope, though we have had feedback that the motor may sometimes cut off in those latter areas.

The good news with this is, as we've found, that a reasonably good biker can get a gentle push from this bicycle rather than a full-on throttle. This allows bikers to continue what they are doing while being guided by the Freway's proprietary Freway Vigor System (see below) through the proper cadence and appropriate pedal assist speed levels. As we have said, this is for bikers who take a more active role in their biking, especially when they go some reasonable distance. The system promises to take riders up to 60 miles on a single charge, which is something we have yet to verify.

The Freway Vigor System

Part of the way that the Freway Mountain Electric Bike helps riders stay aware of their activity is something called the Freway Vigor System. It consists of the smart controller that runs the electric motor, the touch screen that is mounted between the handlebars, and the battery pack itself, which powers the two. The system takes care of the work of the pedometer and speedometer, and records all relevant cycling data so it can take account of one's cycling speed and pacing. Such a system allows the pedal assist device to help riders go faster while matching their speed and pace.

We have been using the Freway Vigor System for some time now and one good feedback we have is how the system helps us with our cycling. We used to pursue a more aggressive approach to pedaling, but the pedal assist system encouraged us to take a more gentle pace as we went up hills and down slightly steep roads. We could cut off the system if needed to pursue our own cycling pace, but it was good to have a record of how far we have traveled using it and how fast we went, so we could figure out a good way to pace our cycling in the future.

Take Your Battery With You

One aspect of the Freway Mountain Electric Bike is how it prides on portability. We have to mention again how the battery pack is portable, but we have not yet mentioned how it is charged. Enter the Workstation Dock. The battery can be plugged into this dock for recharging, but outside the bike, and it can be used as an emergency flashlight, and a charging station for laptops and phones with its two USB ports. This is useful when we are out on the trail and have to charge our phones to make emergency calls or send out messages, for example.

The Workstation Dock allows us to charge our batteries anywhere while at the same time allowing us to charge other devices. This is useful in situations where the amount of outlets in a given location, say, a local coffee shop, is quite limited and you need to power up both the pedal assist system's battery and your tablet's battery at the same time. But what we value is that it has an emergency flashlight, which we can use in situations where these are most needed. For instance, we were looking for the chain lock in a slightly darkened location, and we used that light.

Your Safety Is Paramount

Wearing a helmet and other relevant protective gear is one of the most basic bicycle safety steps. This is all the more so when you are using a mountain bike, and you are going through some rough terrain, something the Freway Mountain Electric Bike can do easily. If you are biking in the dark, it is best to have reflectors on your bike and on yourself so that others can see you, but this electric bike does you one better. It lights up a front and a rear light so that you can see the road ahead properly and others can see you as well.

The Freway Mountain Electric Bike's lighting system is dependent on the pedal assist system's battery. One advantage is that it is automatically triggered to activate when it grows dark, which means that the battery would not be needlessly drained thanks to the lights. However, there are situations where these lights might be needed, and the touch panel of the Freway Vigor System allows for that. We particularly enjoyed having these lights work for us during one ride when it grew dark and it was necessary to get those lights going to get through a slightly rough and sketchy mountain path.



What can we say about the Freway Mountain Electric Bike? We can praise its very lightweight and well-designed body, with the gear speed system and all that comes with it. We can talk about how its motor and battery work together to gently push a rider toward a better riding pace. We can speak about how the Freway Vigor System works to monitor and track our riding progress. We can mention the Workstation Dock and its usefulness as a supplement to the bike. But most of all, we feel that its safety features, especially the lights, help make the riding experience better.

Taking all those features and more into consideration, we believe that you should consider the Freway Mountain Electric Bike. This is all the more so if you are someone who is a very active rider and wants to have all the benefits of pedal assist, especially up some of the sharper hills you can find. If you are already into mountain and trail biking, this may very well be the one for you too--the battery is definitely a bonus. We hope that this review will offer you some information to help you make an informed choice about purchasing this product. Thank you for reading.

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