Top 7 Best Gas Powered Scooters Reviewed: Which One Is Best Fit

There are a number of scooters available for sale in the market today. Here we list the best gas powered scooter for sale to help you decide which is best for you.

What You Need To Know Up Front

With the increasing volume of commuters on the go everyday that makes every driving or commuting hours very stressful, in addition to the unpredictable oil price swings that affect every transaction in the market like a domino effect, many have sought for alternative means to lessen the physical, financial, even emotional difficulties that daily commutes result to. For these reasons, many have sought and tried alternative means of transportation. Most recent offerings now include scooters, an economical and quite appealing alternative to a car for daily solo commutes, as well as motorcycles for those who need speed. For some, a two-wheeler is perhaps the only transportation they really need. But how do you choose the gas scooter that will best suit you?

Finding the right scooter that will best suit your purpose and style will not be an easy task. There are a number of brands available that may seem to shout as they zoom across the streets, pick me, I'm the best!" Each hints why they are the one right for you: they are easy to maneuver and can fit in jam-packed parking lots, they are economical and allows you to drive for miles for even less than a cup of Starbucks; there's more fun riding a scooter than anything else; you can socialize more when you're in a scooter than in any other form of transportation, etc. Whatever the reason for you to consider a gas scooter brand, it p is a smart decision to begin checking our list for some of the best options that might just spark an idea what you really need for the moment.

The ScooterX SX-14 Chrome X-Racer SE Gas Scooter comes with tons of great features. It is designed with high-quality 10 x 3.5'tires as well as a front suspension for that superior ride. With an upgrade of an expansion pipe, this moped gas scooter can reach a speed of 33 mph. It comes with foldable handle bars that allows the dirt bike to be easily transported and stored when not in use. This scooter can run up to 80 miles and load up to a maximum of 200 lbs. This scooter is powered by a 49cc two-stroke Hausheng motor (EPA approved). An automatic clutch installed in the scooter provides smooth acceleration.

This scooter is made even better as its been designed to be a good ride for or both on and off road use, thanks to its dual sport tires. Front and Rear disc brakes that are a lot safer than drum or band brakes are also installed in each unit making this scooter a safe transportation alternative. It also requires minimal maintenance and allows a quick stop. Unlike other standard scooters, it has twist throttles that can last longer instead of trigger throttles. The scooter is designed with an aluminum deck instead of wood and a solid front fork for a more sturdy grip. It runs on a mixture of gas and oil.Selling and shipping of the X Racer to other countries depend on the road and safety regulations of these countries. At the moment, X Racer is not available for shipment to Canada and California.

The eco-friendly propane-powered PS3000-01 Green/Black Propane Powered Scooter by ProGo Scooters is designed to provide the same performance like conventional gas scooters extend, while extending very minimal environmental impact like electric scooters make. It comes with an EPA and CARB approvals. It's designed with a 25cc 4-stroke engine making it a whole lot quieter than the 2-stroke engines many gas scooters use and creates high pitched screeches. It runs with a speed of up to 20mph and a range of up to 40 miles per propane canister, making it a smart choice for a car and other transportation alternatives. With ProGo, you can Go Clean and Go Green.

Other technical specifications for this make are as follows: Thumb Throttle acceleration, disk brakes, tire size 8 inches, and steel frame. Steel; Max. The scooter's dry weight is 33 pounds and allows up to 275 lbs of load capacity. For requires up about 2-3 hours for about 40 miles of travel. Upgrades for this year on the ProGo PS3000-01 are as follows: robust drive shaft, fine-tuned carburetor, enhanced throttle-cable connector Country specific traffic and safety regulations are followed in the selling and shipping of these scooters. When purchasing make sure that you purchase street legal scooters only.

This is the blue-colored 49cc Dirt Dog Gas Scooter by X Scooter. Like the other colored variants available for the Dirt Dog 49cc Dirt Dog Scooters (black and red) this scooter comes with the same standard features that made the brand stand out from its class. The Dirt Dog by Scooter X was launched in the middle of 2002 with the initial model of the Dirt Dog that has a 43cc engine. By 2004, 49cc engine-powered Dirt Dogs are already available in the market. It comes with high a compression head and can run at a speed of up to 37mph with upgrades. It also comes installed with an X-pipe, a timing key, a 39-tooth sprocket, and an HP filter. Moreover, the Dirt Dog 49 cc gas-powered scooter is designed with an automatic clutch which makes controlling it easy.

This scooter is meant for both on and off road use, which is made possible with dual sport tires. For a safer ride on the road, the manufacturers installed Dirt Dog 49cc with disc brakes that are much safer than drum or band brakes. These safety features are commonly used on scooters that are manufactured from China. It also comes installed with twist throttles instead of trigger throttles as they last longer. The scooter is designed with an aluminum deck and runs on a mixture of gas and oil. It can do up to 25miles per filled tank. The recommended maximum load capacity is 250 lbs. Even with this features, still selling and shipping to certain countries depend on the road and safety regulations of certain countries. As such, this scooter is not available for buyers from California and Canada.

This 3-Speed 49 cc stand up gas scooter by MotoTec features a 3-speed hub gearbox with Shimano brand twist shifter, an 11 inch air filled knobby tires, front/rear shocks, front/rear disk brakes, a rugged chain drive, and a state of the art suspension system that make it easy to maintain a smooth ride when you go off road, bumpy surfaces, as well as paved jumps.T . It comes standard with an EPA certified pull-start gasoline engine. The frame used for this excellent gas-powered scooter is of the highest manufacturing standard to make this one of the toughest scooter available on the market today.

The scooter comes with a seat and will last up to 20 miles per tank fill. The maximum load capacity of this MotoTec scooter is 225 lbs. It comes pack in a 53x15x23inches box that weighs 60 lbs (with the product inside). The scooter weighs 55 lbs. A purchase requires an adult signature and grants a 30-day warranty for replaceable parts. As prohibited by certain country road rules and regulations, the MotoTec 3-speed 49 cc gas scooter is not allowed to be sold or shipped to countries like Canada and California. If interested to have one, you first need to consult with your local authorities if it there would be any local law that will be violated in doing so.

The Dirt Dog by ScooterX was made available to the public in the middle of 2002 and has been a top seller since birth. The initial model of the Dirt Dog came with a 43cc engine. It was only in 2004 that 49cc engine-powered Dirt Dogs were added to the company's product line. This has and still is one of the most powerful 49cc motors available in the market today. It comes stock with high compression head. At its fastest and with upgrades, it can run at a speed of up to 37mph. It also comes designed with an X-pipe, a timing key, a 39-tooth sprocket, and an HP filter. Moreover, the Scooter X Dirt Dog 49 CC gas-powered scooter has automatic clutch, so moving about requires less effort.

This scooter did not get its name for no reason. As the name implies, this scooter is meant for on and off road use as they are designed with dual sport tires. In support and compliance with safety standards, the dirt bike comes installed with disc brakes that are much safer than drum or band brakes, which are commonly used on Chinese scooters. For added ease in using the Scooter Dirt Dog 49cc, twist throttles instead of trigger throttles are installed in the bike as they last longer. As a standard on all ScooterX models, the Dirt Dog 49 cc comes with an aluminum deck. It runs on a mixture of gas and oil. A filled tank can run up to 25miles. This bike is great for riding doubles. The recommended max load capacity is 250 lbs. This is not exempt to certain countries laws and regulations, however. For instance, bikes like this is not allowed on roads in California.

Signature Series A-Blaze XG 575 DS is one of the fast gas scooters available on the market that runs on a 50cc of displacement at 2 strokes. The XG 575 DS comes with an EPA certified gasoline engine as well as a Puzey Patented 2 Speed Shifter Transmission. At its fastest, this gas scooter can reach speeds up to 35 mph. It comes designed with aluminum billet deck and 11" Knobby air filled tires. This is the only scooter of this type that comes available with oversized Knobby Tires. It also comes with a Patented front mono shock suspension system, a feature that allows the scooter to provide a smooth ride and land softly when jumping. The XG-575-DS has racing handlebars with a foam center pad signed by A-Blaze (Signature Series), front and rear vented disk brakes, the widest billet CNC cut deck available, and a Fold-N-Lock system which allows you to quickly fold the handle pole down for easy transportation or loading the scooter in the trunk of your car.

This scooter comes with an optional Puzey Patented Snap-N-Click seat kit, for a more comfortable ride, which you can purchase separately. The 2 stroke engine design requires that 2 cycles oil needs to be mixed with the gasoline. For instructions on the proper handling of fuel / oil mixing is provided. Since it is not California compliant, it cannot be shipped to any California address. To make sure that any purchase is allowed within your country, you will need to consult with your local authorities to see what their restriction/s may be. It covers more than 20miles running on full tank.

Evo 2x BIG 50cc Power board is the latest gas scooter from the Evo Power Boards line. The brand, which is owned by owned by Puzey Motor Corporation, carries both electric and gas scooters. What is amazing with this gas scooter is that it is loaded with unique features such as a front "Cam-Link" suspension. Evo 2x Big 50cc is designed with a true suspension system that offers a smooth ride, while offering excellent resistance when landing after jumps. It also comes designed with a 2-speed gear box (it is the very first two speed scooter in the world). This feature gives the scooter the power at lower speeds as well as higher top speeds. It comes with a forged aluminum fro.nt and rear aluminum brake levers. Its maximum load capacity is 265 lbs.

The scooter also comes designed with a One-Touch Chain Tensioning, which enables tightening the final drive chain with one simple and easy action without having to align the rear wheel. Another feature of this extraordinary scooter is the adjustable handlebars. This enables the height as well as the position to be adjusted by MX Handlebars. It is a50cc 2HP 2-Stroke engine that is EPA Approved. Finally, it is designed that it can be folded hence an easier way to store the scooter when not in use. At its fastest, it runs at 30mph. Anyone who desires to ride this scooter would need to secure a moped license (license issued to owners/drivers of pedal cycle with engine and pedals). Registration and insurance is also required. It can not, however, be shipped to any California address because of existing California air quality laws. As a basic rule, you would have consult with your local police department and DMV to see what their restriction may be.


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