Jetson Electric Bike Review

We review the Jetson Electric Bike, an environmentally friendly transport option

First, You Need to Know This

Electric bikes are the in thing these days for those who are concerned about their carbon footprint and who want to travel over short distances. One such bike we have been looking into is the Jetson Electric Bike. It is a particularly popular lightweight electric bike that promises a smooth ride on a sleek-looking vehicle.

We have tried riding the Jetson Electric Bike and we have found it to be a smooth and safe ride, with some of its key features, such as a powerful motor, disc brakes, and shock absorbers working together to help us ride well. This is why we would recommend it.

As electric bike enthusiasts, we tend to look for something that is affordable yet built to last. Having the Jetson Electric Bike may be the best bet for a bike in that category that is as reliable as it gets. We feel it is a good option for those who want something of that sort.

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Pros & Cons

Things to consider when looking at the Jetson Electric Bike

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  • The Jetson Electric Bike is an aesthetically pleasing vehicle, with ergonomically shaped features.
  • It is safe and street legal in most jurisdictions, with its top speed being within the upper limit for electric bike rules.
  • It comes with optional storage compartments, such as a boot and holder for bags.


  • The charging time may take longer than the 4 hours the manufacturer gives; check to see how long it takes on your end.
  • The bike has only one gear, so it may not be necessarily the best for those who prefer to shift gears at varying speeds.

Features & Benefits

A Powerful Motor and Battery

Key to choosing a good electric bike is its motor and battery. One of the better features of the Jetson Electric bike is indeed its motor. It is a 500 watt motor, which is powerful enough to take the bike unto any road for which it can travel, whether on hilly paths or straight bike lanes. The motor comes with a high capacity battery that can go up to 40 miles per charge, though usage will vary depending on the road. It takes around four hours to charge, though as we have said, it may also vary according to conditions.

If you are into a bike that promises to take you somewhere relatively fast, having a motor this powerful means a ride of up to 20 miles per hour. This makes it street legal for most states that require this as a top speed for electric bikes. More importantly, having a removable lithium-ion battery that charges this fast means that you do not lose valuable time recharging, especially if with other batteries you could end up spending even more time with the battery being plugged in. This makes the Jetson Electric Bike's battery a pretty valuable one to have. If needed, keep a spare at hand.

A Built-in Odometer and Speedometer

You may want to choose an electric bike that has an easy way of telling how fast you are going, how far you have traveled, and how long your battery needs to last. The built-in LCD display for the Jetson Electric Bike has displays for the vehicle's built-in odometer, speedometer, and battery life indicator. You can figure out, at a glance, whether you are within the speed limit for your vehicle and how far you may have traveled. This information is valuable in figuring out how often you travel and what impact using this bike may have (more on that later).

It is easy to access the LCD display's range of information, which not only tells you indeed how fast you are going and how far you've gone, but also things like whether one or both of the electric bike's lights are on. It can all be operated at a touch of a button, and the information from the odometer and speedometer are at a reasonable height such that you can still see the road and figure out, for instance, how fast you are going. From our experience, this has proven to be important, as we needed to check how speed does have an impact on battery life.

Disc Brakes and Shock Absorbers

Safety on the road requires the right equipment in your vehicle, especially with something as important as your electric bike. The Jetson Electric Bike offers just that, with disc brakes that are akin to what larger bikes and cars offer, and shock absorbers that help the driver and the vehicle cope with uneven terrain. The disc brakes help guide the electric bike to an even halt from its top speed in a gentle way. The shock absorbers promise a smooth ride, whatever the terrain, so it can be used in bike paths paved or otherwise. These features help add value to the bike.

One benefit of having these features is that you will be assured of a smooth ride wherever you intend to go. Riding through uneven ground may sometimes be an utter inconvenience, so anything to alleviate that would be most welcome. Another benefit is that you have a ride that stops when you want to without any problems, something the disc brakes promise to offer. One last benefit is that, combined with a helmet and other safety precautions, your ride will be quite safe and you can focus on getting where you need to go once these work properly for you.

Zero Emissions, Low Operating Cost

A very important reason people choose electric bikes has something to do with the impact we have on the environment. It is clear that climate change is partly caused these days by what we do through carbon emissions and other forms of activity. What is also clear is that we have to consider carbon neutral alternatives for the last mile of travel, such as the Jetson Electric Bike. It emits zero carbon because it uses a lithium ion battery, and it costs less too to operate. This is because the battery requires electricity to recharge, which costs much less than gas.

One exercise you can do to check how much less environmental impact you are making on your short-term commutes with this bike is to check how far you routinely go with the electric bike against, for instance, using a car. You might see the difference in how much you spend, but more importantly the time you spend in terms of finding parking or places to park your electric bike. We've tried this with our electric bike and we found that we do save much more with having a reliable electric bike like this one. More importantly, with the wider availability of bike racks, parking isn't a problem!



Our experience with the Jetson Electric Bike was generally positive. We appreciated its features, such as the disc brake system that sent our bike gliding to a smooth stop at intersections and crossings. We liked how it took only a relatively short time to charge, with roughly four hours of charging time needed. We also appreciated how the shocks gave us a smooth ride in an area where we often experienced a bumpy ride. We liked how speed and distance info was right on hand. Most of all, the impact it has on the environment is quite minimal, and we felt good about that.

We recommend the Jetson Electric Bike for electric bike owners who want something that is affordable, reliable, and safe. It also looks quite attractive and promises a smooth ride. It is street legal, so in most jurisdictions it can be used without a license, registration, or insurance. (Check with your local DMV for specifics, if needed.) We trust that the information we provided will help you make an informed choice on buying a good electric bike for yourself or for someone you love. We thank you for reading and hope that you will enjoy riding your new electric bike.

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