Best Scooters with a Motor for Sale in 2017 -- A Primer

Are you looking into purchasing a scooter? This primer lists the pros and cons, and the market's best scooters with a motor for sale for you to consider.

Key Things to Know

So you have decided that you want a scooter over, say, an electric bike to replace your good old car. Maybe this will be your first vehicle ever. Maybe you are researching before you buy one for your kids. Several reasons. But the factors to consider are the same across the board. While scooter style may be the first to pop up in your mind, it is only secondary to security and comfort. This primer will touch on these considerations. Then it will lay down some of the best options out there. So strap yourself up and get ready for the ride.

Comfort and safety are your main concerns in choosing a scooter. The best scooters with a motor that are for sale in the market have these qualities down pat. You have to pick the one that allows your feet to be planted firmly on its deck. Make sure that you can grip the handlebar and your rear fits into the seatpost, if there is one. It is also important to know the level of scooter power that you can manage, to prevent accidents. Quality comes over price. You have to be purchasing a product that you can use for years, not just the first week or the break-in period. Here are your options:

From the outset, let us tell you that this is not allowed in the State of California due to regulation on gas emissions. If you are not from California, you should verify if there is such a regulation where you live. With that covered, let us move on to the specs. This gas-powered scooter from X-Treme Scooters features 11-inch Knobby air-filled tires. It is the only type available that employs oversized Knobby Tires, a brand that is known for producing sturdy and durable tires. Per tank refill powers the scooter to run over 20 miles with a maximum speed of 35 mph. It also comes with an aluminum billet deck, which looks nice and strong. Its patented Front Mono Shock Suspension System cushions you from the effects of bumpy roads and trails.

This e-scooter can also be carried or transported as it comes with a Fold-N-Lock system. The handle pole can be folded quickly for easy storage in the car trunk or handling on buses and trains, for instance. We recommend this for serious scooter riders who want to save walking time while going to work. It is fast enough with the original engine, but you can still get an additional boost depending on the purpose. If you are buying this to use in competitions, then you will have to upgrade to the 55cc two-stroke engine. It also goes off with the purring noise. But all things considered, this is a strong performer and a practical buy for those who are looking into personal transport options and race competitors.

This ProGo product was introduced on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter. And with the power it packs, it is easily considered as a serious scooter for the daily commuter. First, let us compare this with taking the bus to work. How is riding this thing better? For instance, you buy 16.4 oz propane canisters instead of the one-time use cans for refills. Every refill gives you 2-3 hours and a boost of up to 15-20 mph. If you look for places that offer refills for pennies, you can already save a lot from riding this scooter. It also adds up when you consider the environmental effects of choosing to go clean. The approval by EPA and the California Air Resource Board sure mean a lot.

This means you can use this as a last mile ride or the main ride (if the distance is reasonably short) to your work in places where emissions from gas-powered scooters are prohibited. The ProGo e-scooter is also lightweight. It is portable and foldable so it fits easily into a corner on the train or bus, or in the office. It also prides itself with a quieter engine -- the 25cc 4-stroke kind. Of course, you have to consider your weight and the terrain on which you are going to use it. The capacity limit is at 170 lbs. A 10-degree uphill climb poses no issue to the e-scooter. And the price? It is relatively affordable at a few hundred bucks, given all its environmentally-friendly specifications.

The E100 Electric Scooter is another innovative product from Razor, a trusted name in the industry. Designed for ages 8 and up, it is a safe and effective means of getting around, visiting their friends, running errands, and simply having fun for your children. It features a simple, twist-grip acceleration control. With 40 minutes of nonstop use and the power to accelerate at a maximum 10 mph, your kiddos will be able to maneuver this machine without much difficulty. Just make sure they're operating on a full charge. It also comes with a high-torque, ultra-quiet chain-driven motor, so you do not have to worry about your kids disturbing the neighbors as they zip around. Running on zero-emission electric power, it also gets a nod from environmental advocates and the green community.

More and more parents are loving and trusting the Razor E100 electric scooter, so much so that they purchase one for the younger siblings when they hit the recommended starting age. And why not? The product is about superior build and optimal performance. The e-scooter performs well not only on flat and paved surfaces but also during uphill and downhill rides. The standing deck is wide enough to carry the feet when the children want to relax or go on cruise mode. The kids can scoot fast enough for them to enjoy a thrilling ride but not too fast to endanger themselves. This is also great for parents because of its affordable price. And it is a breeze to assemble once it gets delivered to you.

This scooter from Monster Moto sure looks badass. But we will guide you through the specs to help you figure out if this is a match for your kid. Oh wait, did we say your kid? Don't be disappointed. This is technically a mini bike and is built for the kids and the kids at heart. But it seems like the manufacturer designed with the daredevil adolescent in mind. It is screaming to your son or daughter (because we like to be gender-neutral): Take me out and be prepared to kick dirt around. This lets your kid drive by the neighborhood at 25 mph. Not for the feign of heart, this mini bike signals a time when your child is growing up to the next level.

Some would call that a rite of passage. Monster Moto understands that phase. At the same time, this vehicle may need more attention than the ones we already introduced. What we see here is a great way to teach your kid some lessons on handling bigger responsibilities. This includes driving etiquette, especially if he or she likes to cruise along the streets in the neighborhood. Proper care is also an important lesson. Though you may have to purchase fresh gas and check the motor oil yourself. The Monster Moto MM-B80 is the perfect beginner bike. It comes with patterns that are dipped in the water by hand. And the maker claims that it comes in the colors of the American Flag, hence the name.

Do you think we have forgotten about you, the adult, in our primer? We will just let this Dynacraft Surge City Scooter convince you to think otherwise. We know it looks stylish, but we would like to go through the technical specs first. And what we have here is a high-torque 24 volt electric motor. The higher the torque, the greater the speed. Remember that you have to gauge a scooter's power and pick one that aligns with your skills. This model has a maximum speed of 15 mph. So if you think you can handle that, or if you are okay with not going faster than that, then take a closer look at it. You can also sit on a comfortable padded saddle while riding this scooter.

Now let us move on to the aesthetics. If the size and speed pass your standards, then it is time to consider the style and image of the Dynacraft Surge City Scooter. The maker describes it as retro-inspired. So there is a little vintagey thing going on here with the teal and white combo. We feel like the black floral accents are also a nice touch. But hey, look again at the body parts. Check out the rear hand brake, the handlebars, and the contoured seats. See if the deck is wide enough to provide both of your feet a comfortable space to settle in. When all's said and done, your comfort is still a priority over style. Then when you are almost decided, it's time to take in the price tag.

If you are looking at scooters for kids, then one thing to remember is that these devices advertise their respective age limits. The Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter is recommended for children aged 8 and up. Does that include you and me? Yes, if you consider yourself a kid at heart and weigh no more than 120 pounds. Sometimes, heavier ones can still take out a kid's scooter for a spin (but we recommend you buy one that's built specifically for grownups if you are a serious rider). Compared to the original Razor E90, this version has a new power core technology and design features that double the ride time and increase the power by 50%. It can run nonstop for 80 minutes before draining its juice. It goes as fast as 10 mph.

The high-torque hub motor allows kids to navigate elevated terrain. The push-button throttle allows them to accelerate while the hand-operated front fender brake allows them to make a full stop without skidding. Like the previously mentioned e-scooter model, this one also employs urethane in the front wheel. Maintenance-wise, it requires zero to minimal effort. It is best to follow the age recommendations, though, because Razor has predetermined the size of the kids who are fit to ride this thing. Size fit is important in determining the safety and comfort of your kids. Lastly, include the gear for your kiddos in your shopping list. Some parents may treat the scooter like a mini plastic toy car, thinking that their children will lose interest in it in no time. But the scooter should be treated like a vehicle for the young.

One factor to consider is the start and stop functionality. The Pulse Performance Products has perfected this in their reverb electric scooter. The motor only needs a few kicks to rev up during the first ever ride. Then it goes beyond the advertised 40 minutes to about 1 hour and 20 minutes on a full charge. Kids will enjoy the speed, which can make you feel like you are going faster than you really are. Even the cautious youngsters will experience fun on a different level. It works great on flat surfaces, on gravel, in the backyard, in the park -- everywhere! This also boasts of a set of urethane wheels, which require zero maintenance unlike air tires. So yes, let your children play wherever they want.

This nifty machine from Pulse Performance Products is a nice gift to give to your kids, grandkids, godchildren, and even your friends'children, if you are that generous. It has a 120-pound capacity limit, but that does not mean adults cannot try it too. Though motor-powered, it also goes either way. If it loses its charge, users can still continue it like a normal scooter. And if you are accustomed to having children around, children with boundless energy, you will understand how that is an important factor in choosing a scooter for your little ones. The package comes with an awesome price tag, too. Just teach the kiddos about proper care for their stuff, and they are going to treasure this gem and remember the memories for a long time.


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