Top 7 Pedego Bikes: A New Standard in Electric Bikes

We want you to have the best electric bike alternative, so we came up a list of the top 7 that we highly recommend.

What You Need To Know Up Front

Roaming around the bustling city or in the placid countryside will be a lot more pleasant and enjoyable when riding in a pedego bike. This is an alternative mode of transportation that not only allows you help the environment clean without having to use gas to keep your bike running, but also allows you to get fit even while you enjoy the sceneries as pedego bicycles may either be used with its pedals or powered by battery to keep you moving about. In essence, these bicycles not only give you comfort and pleasure while on the go, you also are given the freedom to use it as a fitness equipment or power it with the battery pack that comes with each unit to enjoy the cruise while being aware of contributing to having a green environment.

There, I might have just encouraged you to take a look at the 7 customer approved electric bikes that we found available on the market today. These are quality bikes that gives you the comfort during each cruise, without the guilt of contributing to air pollution or putting much strain on your budget as you are using a mode of transportation that can carry you conveniently, economically, and comfortably. Additional information on these models are also available on the online, verified by a number of users who have purchased these products, so you can be assured that what we give you is what people in general, including pedego electric bike dealers, believe to be highly recommended electric bike pedego.

Phantom X2 by Prodeco is a stylish and powerful electric bike that is designed with the superior strength and high-end torque of a 500 Watt, direct-drive motor mounted in the rear wheel and provides 720 Watts at peak. It is driven through the assistance of the precise engineering of the SRAM drive train that consist of an X7 Twist 8-speed shifter as well as an X7 8-speed mid derailleur that will definitely get the approval of smart and avid riders. All you need is to give a half-twist to the lower-on-demand's propulsion throttle to reach up to 20mph. The Phantom X2 is foldable, lightweight, aircraft-grade, has an aluminum alloy frame, as well as a shock-minimizing suspension fork. When folded, the total dimension of this ebike becomes 48'x 36'x 28', which is enough to fit even a small car.

This scooter is built with Continental Traffic 26-inch tires and triple-box wide 32-mm rims that roll fast on pavement, but also runs without problem on dirt and gravel trails. Its 36 Volt 11.6Ah Samsung cells provide consistent performance, and can get going to up to 30 miles on a single charge. It comes with quality components including Avid hydraulic disc brakes, RockShox suspension fork and Wellgo folding pedals, which makes every cruise very convenient and worry free. Other accessories that come with each purchase of the Prodeco Phantom X2 are as follows: double leg kickstand, 43.8V 2 amp charger, aluminum bash guard on its front ring, and a bell on its left bar. All these features make each ride with the Prodeco Phantom X2 totally pleasurable and answer the common requirements riders are looking for from an ebike: high quality, low maintenance, portability, light structure, affordability, and modern style.

Pedego, a well-known brand when it comes to electric bicycles have long been providing affordable yet top rated bicycles that are user-friendly, convenient to use, and pack with powerful features that will make every cruise a pleasure. Innovation is a thing that never goes out of style when it comes to the products that Pedego reinvents to meet the needs of the time. One of the major concerns that they have when creating a new model is the convenience of the end-user. As such, every product translates convenience and fun for every user. Surely, the Pedego electric bicycles are one of a kind--the best electric bike one could every ask for and use for years to come.

The newest addition to the Predego line is the Latch Folding electric bike that hit the market in January 15, 2017. Unlike many other frame folding electric bikes, the Latch Folding ebike frame folds small for both transport and storage. The Latch weighs 50 lbs., but with the battery removed, you have a 43 and 7 lbs. combined lifting weight (except if you have a 15 Ah extended range battery, which means a couple more pounds). The Pedego Latch Folding electric bicycle is well equipped with LED lights, rear rack, and disc brakes. This ebike is also equipped with a Gates Belt Drive and a Shimano Nexus drive train. Its belt drive allows a grease-free riding riding and folding operations needed by those who would like to ride to work but do not want to get their pants dirty. This is just perfect for everyday all-around ride.

Black/Red The Trail Tracker IV by Pedego is an unstoppable fat tire electric bike that can go places and do things that no other bike can. Made with high torque Dapu made 500 watt motor and matched with a powerful 48V 11.6ah Samsung Li frame mounted battery pack, killer 3" wide lime green rims, and a purpose-built "extra wide" hub motor for an improved drive train operation and torque. Accessories that come with the Samsung battery is a LCD display panel with integrated buttons and swivel that tells everything a biker needs to know while on the go like the speed, time, distance traveled, and battery power level. It also includes a USB port for charging portable electronics. An integrated LED headlight makes cruising at night safer.

The Pedego Trail Tracker has 4-inch fat tires to help riders glide over uneven ground. It also features a new frame geometry with an integrated, down-tube 48-volt, 11 amp hour battery, more controlled ride with sporty handling, as well as a relaxed, forward riding position. Four striking color options give riders a palette of choices: matte black frame with black, red, lime green or blue rims. Overall the Trail Tracker is perfect for every rider looking for the most convenient ride to use while cruising around. As Pedego CEO Don DiCostanzo puts it, when the terrain turns rough, Pedego's new Trail Tracker gets extra tough....The new generation Trail Tracker is a must-ride masterpiece of innovation, the perfect bike for all-season, all-terrain challenges.'

This is a perfect bike that is great for all-around use. Powerful, fast, and quite comfortable to use. It's just totally fun to ride. These are just a few of comments from current users of the City Commuter Classic electric bike by Pedego. It runs on either a 500 watt brushless geared rear hub motor or a lithium ion Samsung cells in a removable pack. It can go up to 20mph using the battery power only. With a top of the line SRAM disc brakes you're are sure to have a powerful and reliable braking when needed. Its battery accessories include an LCD display that indicates the current speed, tide time, odometer, trip distance, pedal assist level, and the battery power level. Its a total package that has everything that you could possibly need in an electric bike and available at a reasonable price.

For both an on and off road cruise, the Pedego City Commuter Classic electric bike is one that you can rely on for the most comfortable yet fast and economical ride you can have. You get to enjoy features from an electric bike that only Pedego can provide. Its made of 6061 light weight aluminum, comes with a deluxe saddle with a suspension seat post for the extra cushioning needed, a traditional city-style handlebars that feel natural and familiar, premium balloon tires to give you a pleasurable smooth ride, fenders with mud flaps to keep you clean and dry as you ride, full coverage chain guard to protect you and your clothing while you drive around, and five levels of pedal assist mode for a more enjoyable riding experience.

The Classic Black Interceptor by Pedego is another fully-packed featured electric bicycle proven to provide comfort, convenience, style, and powerful cruise in and around town. It extends an increased torque and power for individuals who need that extra help cruising steep roads. The Interceptor electric bike comes installed with front and rear Avid BB7 disc brakes, front and rear lights, 7 speed gears, left side twist shifter, pedal assist and throttle operations, as well as a back lit digital LCD screen that is designed with a speedometer, odometer and battery meter. The Interceptor allows faster acceleration while still meeting the government standard of 20 mph top speed. It provides up to 20 miles of travel distance on a full charge in throttle mode, and up to 40 miles in pedal assist mode.

This e-bike comes with specially designed Motor Pedego's 500-watt silent hub motor that provides the power to ride comfortably even up hills and through heavy headwinds. Its pedal assist provides 5 levels of power an automatically support your pedaling. Pressing the brake automatically cuts the pedal assist power, it is quickly switched on or off with a control screen that sits on the handlebar within easy reach. The pedal assist function can be switched off when a rider wants to use the throttle mode only, or no motor at all. Pedego bikes are all designed with the rider's comfort in mind. A comfortable cushioned seat is provided to allow one to easily move while pedaling. Even the most apprehensive biker can use this e-bike without any worries.

Fun is spelled Pedego with the full pack features it provides with each of the model available in the market today. These features just make each pedego electric bike one of the best selling bikes around. If you are looking for a green alternative or would like to check out self-propelled bikes instead of the motorized versions for your commutes, you can find one from Pedego's electric bicycles. It's comfort, fun, style, economy, and quality rolled into one great product that will give you years of riding pleasures. One of the amazing finds at Pedego is the City Commuter. Compared to other battery powered bicycles, the Pedego City Commuter eliminates the need to choose between pedal assist motors and a twist throttle.

As it can be used either as a self-propelling bike or have it motor itself to cruise around even on steep hills, you enjoy either way with very minimal effort. It comes with a 26-inch wheels and weighs 57 pounds, a large cushioned seat, with built-in suspension, and a standard gear shift that is perfect for adjusting power for different grades of terrain. The Classic City Commuter comes with a removable Lithium-ion Samsung battery that attaches to the rear of bike and provides a 720-watt hour use for every 4.5 charging hours. It has taillights built into the body of the battery. On a full charge, the City Commuter can travel about 15-30 miles, and for an extra upgrade, a souped-up battery will extend the distance to 36-60 miles. It also comes with an LCD display that provides a reading of the current speed, ride time, odometer, trip distance, pedal assist level (0-5), battery power. The display accessory provides a USB charging port for your phone and other devices.

The Pedego24 Inch wheel Interceptor Step Thru Cruiser is a fully-featured electric bike available in the market today that is well-accepted by fun-loving explorers. It provides breath-taking performance with its user-friendly and top of the line features every comfort cruiser is looking for. With every use of the Pedego Interceptor, you would want to be staying longer on the go. It is made to be the most comfortable riding buddy to allow the most pleasurable cruise every time. It is designed with a frame geometry to allow an upright riding position in an electric bicycle that comes in a number of color variants to suit individual preference. Everything about this smart bike shouts out comfort and quality.

Following are some interesting and cool features that comes with each of the Pedego Interceptor purchase. This comes with the state-of-the-art geared motor that delivers best in class acceleration as well as hill climbing assistance. It is lightweight, built with long lasting lithium battery with Samsung cells that comes with three year limited warranty. The Pedego Interceptor is built with the top of the line SRAM disc brakes for powerful and reliable braking. You can also rely on its twist-and-go throttle for full power when needed. It is designed with Shimano seven-speed for easy pedaling, and Kevlar belted tires with self-sealing tubes to help prevent flat tires. It also comes with an LCD display with USB charging port for your phone and other devices, front and rear lights for safer rides, and an optional color matched fenders for the style you want.


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