Go Everywhere: Test-Driving the Best Prodeco Bikes

ProdecoTech is synonymous with superior quality and strong values, so cannot pass up the chance to try the best Prodeco bikes yet.

Go Fast, Go Everywhere

ProdecoTech is a brand that has built itself from the ground up. The vision of the founders Robert, Daniel, and James was to create US-designed electric bikes of the highest quality. To date, the company has not stopped aiming for that vision. In less than a decade, we have seen them launch product after product -- and yet, our latest count only reached 20 styles and models. They have been busy implementing their sophisticated plan, though, of developing the best-designed, most reliable, and most exciting e-bikes in the marketplace, while being highly cost competitive'. They have been rolling out results that do not disappoint.

The company's thrust resonates with the socially and ecologically conscious. The best Prodeco bikes appeal to them in the same way that the iPhone or the MacBook has appealed to Apple consumers. And yet, it is the brand's desire to cater to everyone's lifestyle needs. They do not want to be elitist or exclusive. But we cannot also deny that ProdecoTech consumers mostly dig activities that are good for the environment. They buy for several reasons: supporting eco-transport and green initiatives, requiring electric riding assistance or low-cost transportation, and simply subscribing to an amazing experience. Are you one of the above? Read on.

Rounding the list is the ProdecoTech V 3.5 Outlaw electric bicycle -- the best Outlaw model there is at the moment. It boasts a direct drive 750-watt motor, which helps a lot in tacking uphill climbs and accelerating in the open road. Its eight gears are also very useful in these situations. The Outlaw V 3.5 has two types to choose from, based on their tires: the top speed edition that reaches 20 miles per hour and the orange off-road'edition that reaches 28 miles per hour. It is important to note, however, that this high-speed, versatile electric bike is not allowed to be ridden in most states if there are no modifications done to it, as well as no insurance.

With the Prodeco V 3.5 Outlaw, you have an electric bike that will last you for 9 hours on the road. Its huge tires help in making your ride smooth and enjoyable. It is also a quiet e-bike to use when you are cruising uphill. Packed with power and reliability, this is the e-bike of choice of the adventurers. Daily commuting would only make sense if it is allowed to be driven in your state. Aside from the legal consideration, this is a champ when it comes to durability. Taking it as an investment will give you satisfying returns in the long run. So if you are looking for an electric bike that is specific to your terrain requirements and lifestyle preferences, look no further.

How far can a ProdecoTech Stride 400 V6 go? How about around 30 miles at 20 miles per hour? Would you take it? Its frame is made out of hybrid, aircraft-grade aluminum. It sports a top-of-the-line Samsung lithium battery and an X7 twist 8-speed shifter. The twist of the throttle operates well. And you can easily choose from a road bike and a mountain bike. But its style is also a legit consideration. This model is beautiful to look at. You will not be hard pressed to understand how much this design affects the ride. Riding it would feel some sort of dreamy and cinematic. It is a gorgeous electric bike that gives thought when combining the aesthetic with the technical. The details work together to deliver an enhanced riding experience.

The price is incredible for the quality of experience that you can derive from the ProdecoTech Stride 400 V6. You can thank your stars for having the type of Prodeco, a company that seeks to put the United States in the e-bike-designing map. Because of this commitment, the brand has seen an expansive growth in the last 5 or so years since it was around. Picking a brand like Prodeco can also be one of the best starting points of your biker life. Now then, it all comes down to choosing which models and styles really work for you. You can rest assured -- uphill or on flat areas -- that this product is not just about talk and airs. It is one that delivers.

This ProdecoTech masterpiece comes with a Samsung downtube battery and sports a 600-watt motor. Like the Phantom X V5, this model a force to reckon with. The Phantom XR V5 caters to a wide prism of riders, with men as old as 60+ still relying on its power. There is really nothing to complain about the research, development, and manufacturing that the company conducts for every model and style. You can rest assured that even when you are no athlete, you feel as empowered to be riding their electric bike. This unit is recommended for beginners, for prodigal son riders, and even children who are grown enough to balance and manage the wheels. Think about a 53-year-old taking this out for a spin. It is an amazing picture.

The Phantom X3 V5 can be a good practice e-bike for those who want to extend the range that they can cover in one ride. Beginner riders are also welcome to try it. Urban and trail riders can rely on the versatility of this powerful e-bike from top brand ProdecoTech. There is more to this model than meets the eye. Some onlookers may not realize at once that this is an electric bike. But takes one ride to know that it is a strong performer. If you fit into one of the descriptions mentioned above, then know that this might be the bike that will make you feel like you are floating in the air, passing by other motorists on the road, and living the dream.

The version 5 of ProdecoTech's Phantom X series is current, marked by strength and power. Its motor boasts 600 watts. What some people look for in their electric bikes is that versatility and honesty that it can push them to where they want to go. They also want to feel that connection with the device. It is a bit philosophical, but there are practical underpinnings to it once you think about it. A 600-watt motor that can accelerate up to 25 miles per hour can roar on flat surfaces and wide open roads. But it is also the best thing that can happen to those who require mobility riding assistance, especially on hilly areas. Sometimes you simply want to rely on mechanical energy rather than pedal.

The Prodeco Phantom X V5 electric bike employs a Samsung downtube battery. As part of the newer version of the Phantom X series, it feels more recent to ride. You get the upgrades that you did not have the luxury to have if you are a previous Phantom X owner. The changes are a testament to the company's ability to evolve its products. If you are looking into having this one as your main mode of transport, then you can be assured that you will be roaring from 25 to 25 miles per hour. Depending on the conditions set by the dealer, you can receive your electric bike 100% assembled. You can test-drive the Phantom X V5 as soon as it gets delivered to you.

Smart and stylish riders can maximize the potential of the Phantom X2. ProdecoTech made sure that consumers will be awestricken by all the components of this model. First, the rear Direct Drive motor that delivers 500 watts and the builds up to 720 watts at its maximum. Second, the X7 Twist 8-speed shifter and X7 8-speed mid derailleur dish out the most interesting twist throttle system. Third, take a frame that can be folded in and out, light, and made from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. Add to these the shock-minimizing suspension pork. Ride with confidence with the Phantom X2, be it on the pavement, dirt, or gravel. This electric bike model exists to you provide you with that natural high.

Burst into the road or trail scene at 20 miles per hour, in a 25 to 25 miles per hour rush. You will know an A+ product when you see one. At the same time, this is a product that will not cause you to break the bank. ProdecoTech has always been conscious about manufacturing eco-friendly and excellently-built electric bikes. But it has also been part of the founders'vision to create ones that are affordable and make sense to people. Speaking of making sense, it will not take you an engineering degree or a technician training to assemble this thing. You will be taking it out for a spin in no time. Consider all these factors and let us know once you decide.

Lightweight yet loaded with power, Prodeco Genesis is all about convenience on the road -- and the points in between. This buddy is marked by a folding aluminum frame and front suspension -- easy to haul off to campsites and work spaces. The overall design also looks cool and neat. The placement of the Samsung lithium ion battery in the back rack and the elimination of the downtube are considered thoughtful moves. Imagine yourself riding this electric bike. Imagine the front-geared 300-watt motor reaching 500 watts at its peak. Imagine the wind blowing on your face as you cruise at top speed, up to 18 miles per hour. You can go on up to 25 miles with a full charge. When you hit the brake, you end with a nice stop.

The Genesis is the ultimate partner for people who cannot stay in one place -- those who love to get around, even on supposedly lazy Sundays. There is no way this Prodeco e-bike will be 'overused'. Longevity and durability are the key components in its design. You can travel daily in a year and be assured that this electric bike can keep up with you. So if you want a reliable, long lasting ride, consider these qualities. Test-drive the Genesis. When you do, you will also experience firsthand the five-star Prodeco customer service that users are raving about. See if you can thank them. The staff needs commendation as they are the ones who work hard to connect the brand to consumers like you and me.

One of the most powerful ProdecoTech bikes to date, the Outlaw comes with a 1200-watt motor and a 48-volt battery. Riders can go fast anywhere when they are on top of this badass. It is advisable to maintain the maximum speed of 28 miles per hour. However, in some cases, users can go from 29 miles up to 35 miles per hour. This electric bike does not diminish its power once brought to the hills and trails. Why would you consider this? This model demonstrates what its name says, at least figuratively. It is a force on and off the road. You get an affordable, clean ride while staying active and fit. And it has absolutely earned its spot in the school of cool e-bikes.

This e-bike comes in a sleek red or yellow frame. The aluminum steel iron make is enviable. The body is solid and a true hunk, built to handle the rider's weight together with additional items that you might have to bring during a ride. The ProdecoTech Outlaw works great in and out of the week, too. Run it 30 miles a day to the office, then ride 100 miles during the weekend. If this defines your lifestyle, more or less, then this is the riding companion that suits your inner outlaw. Of course, make sure you are not breaking actual laws. License and insurance are not required to have once you purchase this e-bike. You know you are making the right investment for yourself and the environment when you do.


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