Chill and Ride with these Top Chopper Bicycles

Not all bikes are created equal; some, like these top chopper bicycles, are made for slower, more chill rides. Let us take a closer look.

Fast Facts

Chopper bicycles are configured after chopper-style motorcycles. These bicycles are characterized by customization done by either the owner or the manufacturer. The owners are usually the ones who make the adjustments according to their preferences. But if we are going to be strict about it, technically, purchased bicycles are not considered chopper. They have to be ‘chopped’ by the users themselves to be able to fit into the category. The ones on our list, however, are sold by distributors as a finished product -- usually 80 to 85 percent assembled, with complete parts. Still, we consider and refer to them as chopper bicycles in this article.

We share with you the top chopper bicycles that we have compiled so far. The models included in our list come from trusted and reliable brands and bicycle makers. As you take a closer look at each, bear in mind that these are mostly cruiser bikes with expandable frames and handlebars. They were designed for individuals who prefer slower rides, those who bike for relaxation and recreation. We believe that those who do not dig riding in races or the mountains also deserve the best kinds of bicycles. We fervently hope that this list will help you make an informed choice before buying.

So we begin and end this review with the trusted maker of bicycles with almost 20 years of experience, Micargi. Here is a single-speed, one-piece crank beach cruiser that silently screams ‘Look at me!’ The first question with this model is if it is one of those beach cruiser bikes that both look and ride great. We can attest that the answer is a resounding ‘Yes!’ It is just a wonder to drive this one that even staring at the front wheel is a form of relaxation in itself. This stretch cruiser is cool and big, great for giving as a gift to your teenage boy. He’d surely get a lot of compliments riding it. The Black Puma bike is not just great for his image but for his comfort too.

So the next question might be: If your kid is not that tall, would he still be able to ride it? Again, yes. There is no need to stretch and strain the legs to reach for the pedal. Now if you are an enthusiast who prefer to go slow from time to time, this is the item for you. The Bike Puma can also be customized, upgraded, modified so it can fit your needs as a rider. You can adjust the seat, the handlebars, the grips, and even the tail lights to accommodate your preferences. You can add saddle bags for when you run errands or to the coffee shop and want to bring some books and stuff with you. Micargi did great with this beach cruiser when it comes to practicality, functionality, style, and performance.

The golden boy of lowrider bikes is here. For those who fancy a slower ride that catches attention, this one is surely going to garner the oohs and aahs of random strangers in the streets. This 55 pounds of beauty is one of our favorite lowrider bicycles in the market because of the customization that the rider can apply on the unit. For instance, if you want to do away with the honks and mirrors, the distributor will gladly work on it and give you credit to make up for the removed part/s. This lowrider bicycle from F&R Cycle Lowrider Bike looks roomy at 20 inches long, with a wide banana saddle and a twisted sissy bar. This ride is ideal for taller individuals.

This product from F&R Cycle Lowrider Bike not only looks pretty. It actually performs well for persons who want smooth and easy ride -- especially those who prefer to ride it for relaxation and recreation. It comes with a 72-spoke rear wheel and an additional 16-inch wheel for those who would like to customize the build. Crafted for both men and boys, fathers and sons, this model is for those who dare to do new things while also relying on the good old capabilities of a lowrider bike. This one is not for the faint of heart. We can also say the same regarding the price. It does take a certain type of individual to drive this lovely lowrider. Do you think you're the one?

So far, we have mentioned several brands and models to choose from. Like the previous ones, Firmstrong is not only in the business of crafting bicycles for the sake of crafting one. The company is dedicated to offering a remarkable ride for each of its product users. With the Urban Man Deluxe cruiser, you get a lowrider with a 26-inch steel frame. This is one of the wider cruisers you will come across with in the market. The body is stretched and the seat is lowered by 5 inches to allow for a more relaxed riding. The oversized seat is made more comfortable by the dual spring component, absorbing bumps along the way. The handlebars also feature grips similar to those found on motorcycles'.

The Urban Man also contains waffle tread tires to ensure that pant cuffs do not get entangled in the chain. The maximum capacity of this bike reaches 350 pounds. It suits those who have long legs or big bodies, or even both. It is a functional, sturdy, and stylish bicycle. Firmstrong has about a decade of background in making bicycles of superior quality. But aside from that, You can go ahead and experiment with the specs until you find out what works for you. Its pricier than the others, and with just one look, we see why. We are impressed by the aesthetics of the device; but as the same time, we are open to knowing how a bicycle like this works. After taking it for a drive, we now understand why it is being sold for what it is.

Some people prefer more relaxed and recreational riding. Beach cruisers are crafted to accommodate this style. Sixthreezero created this bike to offer that kind of experience while adding touches that enhance it. In the Barrel is designed to deliver this to men who are looking for the exhilaration of bike riding without negotiating mountain trails. It has an 18-inch extended steel frame so taller riders can maneuver it without difficulty. Seat comfortably on its wide saddle and break smoothly with front and rear handbrakes. This beach cruiser can accommodate riders who are 5'to 6'Its matte black finish and balloon tires complete the design and functionality that define In the Barrel. Then you can choose from single- up to 7-speed to achieve the acceleration that suits you.

In the Barrel by sixthreezero has three types of beach cruiser bikes to choose from, depending on the intensity of the ride. They can run up to 20, 30, and 40 miles, respectively. More shifting gears are added to cater to the requirement of the different rides. Basically, you can select one for casual, recreational riding on flatter surfaces; one with more gears for longer rides and climbing hills; and one with top-of-the-line shifting system for high-intensity driving. The performance of the product is as expected, offering a great ride that matches a variety of preferences. The manufacturer also continues to prove its excellence not only through selling but also by providing customers with instructional content, from how to set up to how to maintain their units.

Bicycles such as chopper bikes are usually associated to men and boys. They must look a certain way to be seen as feminine (painted with pink or patterned after the hipster bike that the likes of Zooey Deschanel could ride). But there is no gender discrimination in riding, and this Micargi product is recommended for both boys and girls ages who are up to 5 feet. Though we must say that the girls version is still leaning towards pastel colors: pink, purple, mint green, baby blue, and white. But the design and construction are basically the same as those of the boys version. Your daughter will be able to enjoy the natural high of freewheeling, riding with one hand, or simply accelerating on the road with this beach cruiser.

Micargi notes that the weight limitation for this unit is 150 pounds for boys and girls alike. This model has similar specs as the Lowrider F4's. Expect easy, smooth, and stable riding for your kid. Selling at the current cost, the Hero line is offering a nice beginner bike for younger riders who are still learning the basics of balancing and handling various speed levels. The unit is shipped 80% assembled. The bike is a sturdy piece on its own. It performs well especially on paved surfaces. It is safe enough to ride for boys and girls, and learning to ride is a fun way to spend time with their friends. But should you want customizations, you would have to enlist the help of a pro.

The Fito Modena is a fat-tire, lightweight beach cruiser with an anti-rust aluminum frame. Casual riders usually favor beach cruisers because they are stable and easy to ride. They can be driven in a moderate speed on flat surfaces, which are what most people can manage. Beach cruisers, however, also appeal to a certain type of avid riders because of the customizations that can be done with this model. The high-profile components speak of its superior quality: Kenda tires, Shimano disc brakes, and Promax alloy brake levers. At the current price online, this bicycle delivers its promise of a fantastic and smooth ride -- and with lasting results. Just make sure to follow the rules that the manufacturer requires users to follow, such as the maximum capacity of 200 pounds.

While the advertised assembly is fast and foolproof, it actually takes an experienced bike owner or enthusiast to complete it. But on the flip side, modifications can be introduced to the unit as one desires or deems necessary. Handlebar extensions and rear bags are a couple of add-on examples that users recommend. Once you ride it, the Fito Modena actually lives up to expectations. It offers a great ride, has a sturdy build, and generally a kickass in the road. FIne-tuning the model according to one's needs is actually a feature that is typical of chopper bicycles. It is also not uncommon for an enthusiast to collect a lot of models. If you are this type of user, it would be great to consider this fat-tire cruiser bike for your next custom project.

Starting with Micargi Bicycles, the Los Angeles-based maker of multiple types of bikes, we begin our assessment of available options for you. Brand is an important factor for most riders because the best ones have built their reputation over time. They can be likened to the cool kids in the block. They have street cred. Backed by its one year shy of two decades in the business, we can claim that Micargi belongs to this category. It boasts of an extensive line of BMX, hybrid, electric, folding, road, mountain, and tandem bikes, among others. The Lowrider F4 20” is a ‘throwback to the ‘60s’, a decade when the ‘Hi Rise’ bike ruled the road. It sports a steel chrome body that speaks of strength and endurance.

To ensure an easy, smooth ride, Micargi crafted the Lowrider with a comfy banana seat, a custom tank, and custom breaks. This model also attracts second looks from strangers because of its stylish design. Check out the 140-spoke wheels and the white wall tires. The handlebar, spokes, and crankset are all fashioned out of steel chrome. Choose from green, orange, and blue to complete the look. More importantly, it is stable when carrying a person who weighs 150 pounds. The seat is easy to mount, which is a plus if you are going to buy this for a super young kid. However, there might be stress on the device if a heavyset individual rides it.


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