Buyer's Guide to the Top Scooters for Sale Online

Here's your guide to the top scooters for sale online -- a collection of info, opinions, what's good, what's not -- for your best buying experience yet.

Cutting Down to the Chase

There are several reasons you are here. You may be looking for a scooter to buy for yourself or a loved one this holiday season. You may be searching for an alternative to your loveless commute or to reduce your walking time between the bus / metro and the office. Whatever the reason may be, I have come up with this reviews to help you make the right decision before buying. As a consumer, I understand your need for more information. But the internet is a vast place -- and honestly, filled with garbage and misleading stuff -- that it can be hard to engage in a research spree.

That is why I have written this article to show you the yays and the nays when it comes to the top scooters for sale online. Because let's admit it, these products are not perfect. There will always be something to complain about if you end up with a mismatched unit. To avoid that, read my review on the top 15 models that I have used, recommended, and purchased for other people (my grandkids in most cases). I have also looked into the opinions of other users and first-hand information from my friends. I hope you enjoy reading this article and be enlightened in the end regarding a model or models you are considering.

Avid electric scooter users can rely on this super machine from Super Cycles & Scooters. The Turbo 1000 is better and bolder than its predecessor, the Turbo 800. The best thing about owning this is that you can ride up to 26 miles per hour at 18 miles per charge. A slight touch of the throttle button already sends you moving forward faster than you can blink, no matter your weight. For instance, if your weigh 160 to 180 pounds, it can still propel you fast. It does not get bogged down by that issue at all. It also works fine when it encounters speed bumps and uneven surfaces. And it sports a very expensive lithium battery to support all your rides for a longer time.

The Turbo 1000 is also lighter than the Turbo 800 because of the former’s lithium battery that weighs 15 pounds less than latter’s lead-acid battery pack. Because the Turbo 1000 is lighter, it tends to perform much better because weight bogs down an electric scooter more than anything else. The top three considerations that I will put forward for this unit are: strength, price, and weight capacity. And personally, it cannot get better than that. This is a great product to invest in if you are really into scooters. This babe tends to go out of stock fast (hmm, I wonder why). Super Cycles & Scooters are selling the units for a good price. It is time for you to grab a unit while you still can.

When it comes to this adult kick scooter, you get to deal directly with its manufacturer when you purchase it on Amazon and other online shopping channels. Xootr made this with the adults in mind, accommodating ones who are at most 6’7 tall with its adjustable handlebar. The height of the platform is also perfectly lowered to allow you to kickstart the thing and glide efficiently. In addition, the deck can fit in both of your feet if you just want to relax as you cruise. To make it more satisfying, the company answers your queries or concerns by providing a direct line and a direct email to their customer service. Like URB-E, they assemble the device in the United States, specifically in Old Forge, Pennsylvania.

One good thing about Xootr is that you can use it for years and years on end. It is a good personal transport machine to use for, say, covering the distance between your home and the metro and then the metro and your office -- vice-versa. Because it is durable, you can count up the savings you can make if you ride this scooter instead of relying on gas. This adult kick scooter gives ‘value for money’ its next-level definition. And if you are getting the new model, you will now have a solid aluminum handlebar clamp. Xootr used to make this using plastic. The brake performance also does not disappoint. This product has a good combo of the winning features: quality, size, design, and efficiency.

This UberScoot electric scooter sports a 1600-watt motor and four batteries with 48-volt system, which can give you 12 miles per charging cycle. This device caters to different types of individuals. For those of you who cannot be bothered by having to charge your vehicle at work, you can capitalize on the economy mode of this e-scooter -- all with just a touch of a button. And if you are feeling adventurous, just hit the red turbo button, and you can crank this thing up for up to 18-20 miles per hour. Just a word of caution: this does not guarantee that if you run full speed on a puddle, you will not get wet. So, go easy on the bumpy and wet roads with this one.

It is not a problem taking it up to the max speed even when you weigh 220 pounds. The headlight allows for visibility so you will be able to warn bigger vehicles of your presence in the road. Know that it can hold up to one week’s worth of battery charge. The top speed decreases gradually as the charge drains by five hours, 10 hours, and so forth. But it will not be considerably slow as to make you wish you should have walked instead. This aids a lot in mobility, particularly for those who are experiencing a disability or suffering from joint pains. Overall, this UberScoot baby is a durable and useful electric scooter, the kind that I would bet my money on.

What I like about the URB-E Black Label electric folding scooter is that it is designed and made in the United States -- in Pasadena, anyone? It is relatively easy to get parts if ever you will need one. This can also get you to 20 miles at a maximum speed of 15 miles per hour. Then it lets you charge your mobile device as you go. On top of these, you purchase a lightweight, folding e-scooter that looks sleek, top of the line, and oozing with street appeal. At 35 pounds, this is also perfect for carrying around places like the campus, an office building, and the mall. A one-year warranty is attached to it, and every URB-E unit has a designated serial number to boot.

The device also boasts an advanced sport tune controller so you get a kick out of the electric scooter’s torque and acceleration capacities. And when you have to take a full stop, you will get to it safely and easily, thanks to the cross-drilled disc brake that comes with the machine. No more scary hilly descent for you right there. To enhance your riding, you can mount its super comfortable seat, which has built-in suspension and a low center of gravity, without much ado. One perk of driving a scooter to work and public areas is that there is no need to get a parking ticket for it. As if it cannot get any cooler than that, URB-E also designed it to be customized by the owner.

I like this baby from Swagton. But of course, I will not be biased about my recommendations. It rocks a carbon fiber frame to begin with. This lightweight champion is easy to lug around. Going at 15 miles per hour is not bad for this machine. For someone who prefers to slow down, this is already a sweet spot. Here are some small obstacles that the Swagger does a good job navigating: tiny cracks and slight elevations, Those were even non-issues for me and some friends, as these are things that we have to deal with every day, even without aid from devices like this. The wheels work with great traction. I definitely recommend this for daily commute, errands, and other activities that need mobility assistance.

You can use several gears to determine your cruising speed. This setting depends on the driver's weight. It also is up to the place where you are using the device. In addition, the Swagger is a quiet machine so you will not have to worry when this is your machine of choice for going around a college campus, for instance. This provides great assistance for people who do not want their knees to suffer from the daily strain of walking even short distances. It clicks and folds for easy handling in and out of your destination. This beast packs power, functionality, and a great design in one device. Swagtron has definitely created a winner in this one. But do not just take my word for it. Go ahead and test drive the thing.

From the school of cool, this Fuzion V-1000 electric scooter can go as fast as 18 miles per hour -- and also looks it -- a good speed for people who prefer a slower mode of transport. This especially works for people with disability and the elderly. For someone who climbs average hills, not mountains, this is a good machine to mount on and negotiate the ride. It is also a good unit to start with. When it comes to its ability to break, it skids a little because of the rubber wheels and the disc brake. I suggest you test it out first especially on your way down. Apart from that, my friends who live in areas where there are small slopes have reported satisfaction over the Fuzion V-1000.

Aside from fast, it is also stable, allowing for a smooth ride. It is great for city and suburban living, as it does not take much space to stow at work and home. While you are in the streets or the sidewalks, a scooter is easy to manage around people. It also keeps you connected to your surroundings. In some neighborhoods, you will be the cool guy or girl, grandpa or grandma, dad or mom -- whoever you are and whatever your background is -- who owns and rides that cool scooter. It definitely offers assistance and much-needed boost when it comes to running errands. Plus, it does not hurt the environment. What is also great about scooters is they are cheap and it does not take much to get used to them.

This self-balancing hoverboard from F-Wheel is a looker. But I myself do not rely on looks alone when choosing a product, especially if it is something that I or someone I know will be using regularly. So, let us take a closer look at it. What we have here is a mobility device that can assist individuals who want to take long walks or speed up their travel time from Point A to Point B. There are individuals -- most of us, I presume -- who will have a hard time balancing themselves at first. But it took me about 3 minutes to learn how to stand up on this thing. This has been a great help for me when I take a stroll around the neighborhood.

I am not just trying to brag here. I had assistance, of course. The F-Wheel iCarbot dishes out several modes to choose from, depending on your level. You get children, beginner, or premium, as well as various degrees of machine performance and sensitivity. Even the little kids can learn how to drive this -- I bet faster than I did. Portability is another prime feature that you will get from this unit. You can just take it with you during a trip, whether the term is long, mid, or short. It is a bit on the pricey end of the products presented here. No qualms here, This thing can carry up to 120 kilograms and can go as fast as 12 kilometers per hour.

This electric scooter from Pulse Performance Products fuses the right amount of functionality and design for beginner riders. Kids ages 8 and older can crank this up for a maximum of 8 miles per hour. That speed can sound a little too fast for any concerned parent. But rest assured that this is a manageable speed that your child can get accustomed to and enjoy in time. The height of the handlebar is particularly helpful for kids on the lower end of the age range. So if you are starting your little ones before puberty, then this is a piece to have. It's a good buy for the price tag. It can run from 45 minutes to an hour if you take it for a spin in slightly inclined areas.

If you have daredevils for kids, or even grandkids for that matter, worry not over the durability of this electric scooted from Pulse Performance Products. A scooter is a good sport device to introduce to these tykes, not only to give them an alternative way to have fun but also to allow them to discover their athletic skills. If you as a parent or a grandparent are also a first-timer, you do not have to be bogged down by installation nightmares with this one. The setup is as easy as ABC. It is a perfect little present for the children this Christmas or on their birthday. And if you are already spotting in them a penchant for the fast and the furious, then why not cultivate it with this starter scooter?

The design of the TopMate mini electric tricycle -- yes, it is considered one and not actually a scooter or a bicycle -- is about functionality. It looks sleek in a way but the main focus is on its portability. This makes the mini e-tricycle a great choice for last-mile travels. The ones who cannot give up commuting but want to cut their remaining walk time to work can make use of this personal transport device. At 11 kilograms, it can be folded up and carried by users on the train and then inside their office. The build works for faster driving, allowing the rider to accelerate to a maximum of kilometers per hour. The TopMate e-tricycle can also reach up to 25 kilometers on full battery charge.

This buddy works best on flat surfaces and slightly-inclined areas. It gives the user a smooth stable, and safety ride. According to TopMate, it was created to tackle small soil slopes and small obstacles on the road. I hope you do not have to go through rocky roads, or climb a mountain to begin with, to get to work. This is by far the limitation of portable scooters or mini electric cycles. And it is obvious why, what with their size and design. But if you are working in a place where the roads are paved and flat or with only small slopes, then there is no reason this will be a problem for you. So, I now throw this at you: why don't you give this device a try?

The Segway miniPRO prides itself as the first-ever hoverboard to hit the market. WIth the company's commitment to combining smart software with strong hardware, this two-wheeled transporter has taken the niche to the next level. Installing an app and pairing the device with your iPhone is not just a possibility -- it is the starting point of a smooth, easy ride with the Segway miniPRO. Pro-tip: Make sure to peel off the sheet that covers the power button after setup. This will make a difference when you start locating the device with your phone. And who does not have a mobile device these days, right? For those who are keen to develop a digital lifestyle, this hoverboard is a great addition to their array of mobile devices.

But there is one more great thing about the Segway MiniPRO. It is not categorized similarly as hoverboards. Instead, it is considered as an electronic personal assistive mobility device or EPAMD. It is therefore legal to use it in many states in the US. Think about how useful this would be for persons with mobility disabilities. According to the law, it is legal to use this device wherever the use of wheelchair is allowed. The disability is also not exclusive to the typical paralysis. It comprises joint problems such as knee problems or injuries. The elderly who now have limited mobility because of knee injuries can move around because of this machine. Mounting the device is a breeze, it can feel like you have been doing it all this time.

Of course, the Razor E300 electric scooter is bound to show up on the list. This one has the description 'durable' written all over it. Both frame and deck are super-sized to support the rider. It also comes with a manual that spells out the rules on proper battery care. Like any machine, this e-scooter has a customized system for maintenance. Following them to the dot will make your life easier. At the same time, you will learn how it is like to discipline your kids or yourself when it comes to maintenance. Let me also note that the E300 does not lose its functionality when it is exposed to rains and floods. Though that is no reason to just throw it into the corner once you are done using it.

The keyword here is 'proper care'. And this goes for any type of users: young or old, commuters or leisure seekers. I have heard of a man pushing 60 who still rides this thing. He said it brings back memories of his childhood. Siblings can share it among themselves, and with their parents, too. But with the price tag, parents can buy one for each kid if they can afford it. It can also take up to 4 miles on a full charge, making it a great personal transport choice when you work for about 1 to 2 miles away from home. But do not worry if you happen to live in a farm and want to buy this for your children on their birthday or on special occasions like Christmas. The Razor E300 works perfectly fine in the dirt, too.

Is a hoverboard more like your thing? Do you want to zoom on the road like a Jedi -- well, sans the flying part? The Razor Hovertrax is your friend, but it goes beyond the typical hoverboard treat. This one touts itself as a self-balancing smart scooter. This silent wonder runs on 350-watt motors at the top speed of above 8 miles per hour. The auto-balancing feature sets this apart from its competitors. The investment on the company's end that was put into crafting this product is also topnotch. Razor tested the batteries before launching into the market.This was a commendable move, what with the hoverboard issues that had been going around for some time. And then Razor added cool lights so we'd have more reason to love it.

Since it is a viable vehicle for commuting, coasting, and even racing, adults and kids are both target demographics.Razor made sure that the Hovertrax lends only its user a safe and smoother ride. The platform is made of anti-slip rubber for that easier and more steady mount. Ride with the assurance that the hoverboard you are riding is also made of shatter-resistant polymer frame. It can support anyone who is aged 8 and up and weighing at most 220 pounds. What's more? This machine can let you cruise not only paved roads but also sandy shores -- and it is a smooth journey at that. Another interesting feature is the addition of a battery to immediately replace the drained one. No need to wait for a charge to complete before you can continue riding this one.

The Razor E200 electric scooter is great for ages and up. And by 'and up', I mean the rider demographics do not only include teenagers. If you have a tiny frame and weigh at most 154 pounds, you can still play with this thing even as a grownup. As mentioned earlier, this is also a faster version of the E100 model. It both accelerates and slows down easily, allowing users to control the vehicle when descending or driving on rough or grassy terrain. This machine can run for up to 12 miles per hour. Its steel frame and fork also assure you that it is durable and can withstand the effects of regular use. Unlike the E100, the E200 can sustain its speed on standstill mode.

Proof of the Razor E200's versatility is the various ways the product can be used. Some adults ride it to and from work, provided that they fall within the weight limit. It's true that it goes faster than the E100, but the speed and acceleration are manageable. Taking caution when going downhill is a piece of advice I would give to anyone riding a personal transport vehicle, so it is also a matter of self-control and discipline. In the words of a friend, it is not 'dangerously fast'. Weather conditions are not an issue if you are also careful not to propel yourself into a puddle. The E200 is a sturdy, reliable device that satisfied the practical and fun needs of children and adults alike.

Razor has been known for making rides that will enhance its users' experience of mobility.Its products not only accommodate adults' personal transport requirements. They also cater to children's need for speed. That said, the manufacturer launched its E100 electric scooter, specifically designed for kids 8 and up. This came out at a lower cost than similar models in the series, namely, the E200 and E300 electric scooters. Though price is the primary difference, you can get similar features for a cheaper price with E100. The other two models are recommended for 13-year-olds above. So if you want to start your little ones early, this makes for an ideal choice -- at only a hundred bucks. This is what I call a beginner-friendly price for a beginner-friendly electric ride.

What you want to watch out for is the rider's weight. The advertised capacity for the E100 is 200 lbs, compared to the 154 lbs and 220 lbs of the E200 and E300.The device is strong enough to support the weight, but it will not propel your bloke as fast as the more powerful models can. This, however, will not be much of an issue when you are still taking your son or daughter through the introductory phase. Considering other specifics, the Razor E100 can get about an hour of power when it is taken out for a spin uphill. Through its pneumatic tires, the effect of rocks and bumps is toned down. Children get just the right boost to remove their fear of or reinforce their love for riding.


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