Watseka Xp Cargo Electric Bicycle Review

We review the great way to get around that is the Watseka XP Cargo Electric Bicycle.

First, You Need to Know This

Electric bicycles are a great way to go for anyone who wants a speed boost for their short commutes, or at the very least a good pedal assist on hilly or smooth terrain. There are several electric bikes available on the market, but today we are reviewing the Watseka XP Cargo Electric Bicycle.

We've tried out the Watseka XP Cargo Electric Bicycle over the last month or so and found it to be a good ride. What we most appreciate about it is its very responsive throttle and the way it provides a good pedal assist for us when we went uphill sometimes.

Our interest in electric bicycles and other forms of personal electric transport made us quite curious about this particular electric bike. What attracted us was its potential as the kind of bike we would want to use for those short commutes to and from places like the school or store.

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Pros & Cons

Things to consider when looking at the Watseka XP Cargo Electric Bicycle

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  • The Watseka XP Cargo Electric Bicycle has a very responsive throttle mechanism.
  • The battery and motor cannot be activated without the use of unique ignition keys.
  • There is a front basket and attachments for a cargo rack.


  • The bike may be quite heavy for some users, at 72 pounds total.
  • The battery base is made of plastic and might fall off in some cases if not fastened properly.

Features & Benefits

A Responsive Throttle Mechanism

Ever wondered how it would be like to have a good assisted bike ride? A good ride is one where the throttle allows you to gain speed slowly but surely without wearing you out. This is what the Watseka XP Cargo Electric Bicycle promises to deliver. The throttle mechanism is what the manufacturer calls a "smooth twist" one that promises to prevent rider fatigue over time. It responds to riders' need for more speed pretty quickly, and this means the rider does not have to needlessly pedal hard to get to the speed they want. That is one good reason we would recommend it.

The throttle mechanism allows riders to go up to 14 miles per hour, which is within the speed limits for most bike lanes and bikes in general. The mechanism works up to an approximate range of between 16 to 18 miles between recharge cycles. This is all dependent, of course, on the rider's weight and the terrain they need to traverse. If the mechanism is used to traverse a good number of steep paths, the range would be shorter. Weight is also a consideration, and all the more so because the electric bike itself is quite heavy as it stands.

Easy Access to Battery and Motor

The Watseka XP Cargo Electric Bicycle is built in such a way that the motor and the bicycle are in the center of gravity of the vehicle for better balance. To ensure that riders have easy access to the bike and motor mechanism, the seat is tiltable to allow access to the battery. One benefit of this is that you do not have to unscrew the battery box to get to the battery. Another is that you can easily replace the provided seat with one that is more appropriate for your shape and figure and keep the tiltability factor intact.

The battery is a 36 volt, 9 amperes per hour battery pack, and the motor is a 250 watt brushless motor that provides much needed power for the throttle or pedal assist mechanism. This particular motor is a mid-range one that is used by most electric bicycles for pedal assist and throttling mechanisms, so we do not mind if it provides more power. We tried replacing the seat with one that was more ergonomically comfortable for our test rider, and we found that, provided that the seat was compatible, it would fit well and our rider did not have to worry about a bumpy ride.

Security and Safety Guaranteed

One of the concerns we have had about some electric bicycle models is that it might be easy to steal the motor and the battery pack, given that these things do cost quite a pricey penny. This is all the more so when the battery is exposed and it may easily be removed by smashing the battery pack compartment or by merely twisting the battery off the motor. The Watseka XP Cargo Electric Bicycle prevents this by a particular safety measure, which we will talk about in a bit. This particular measure is why we also recommend it for riders.

The measure this electric bike takes is this: in order for the mechanism to work, the motor must be activated by using a specific ignition key provided by the manufacturer. Each electric motor corresponds to a particular ignition key. Provided that the rider makes sure to keep all their keys secure on their person, the risk of anyone taking the motor or battery pack would be reduced because it would be rendered almost unusable. With this measure, the rider is assured of peace of mind that the mechanism that helps them uphill would remain mostly intact when they are away.

Take Your Goods With You

One of the advantages of electric bikes, or indeed any other personal electric vehicle, is that they help us with the last mile commutes to and from work or school, but that they also help us with the shorter commutes we might need to make to say, the grocery store to pick up some groceries. The makers of the Watseka XP Cargo Electric Bicycle know this and have built in two things that would help commuters carry their goods without worry. The first is a front basket for smaller items, and the second is a built-in cargo rack in the rear for boxes and other things.

We tried this once when we headed to the grocery, which is less than five miles from the office. We needed to pick up some snacks for a long overnight writing session, so we biked to the store, which took less time than usual with the pedal assist mechanism, and then we biked back with a box conveniently strapped to the rear of the bike on the rack. The rack allowed us to carry what we bought from the store back to the office. More importantly, the journey was made easier by the pedal assist and the throttle mechanism, which allowed us to traverse some steep paths more easily.



We spoke about four key features of the Watseka XP Cargo Electric Bicycle in this brief review. We first talked about how responsive the throttle and pedal assist mechanism was, and how far and fast it could take riders. Secondly, we mentioned how one can easily access the battery pack and motor and replace the provided tiltable seat if one so desires. Thirdly, we talked about the security mechanism that this bike provided for its motor and battery. Lastly, we discussed how the built-in cargo rack and front basket allows riders to use this for shorter commutes to the store or anywhere else.

With all these features combined and more, what could we say about this particular electric bike? We feel that this bike combines safety, security, and reliability in one convenient package. We recommend it for anyone who enjoys taking an electric bike out on the road and finds the pedal assist it provides most useful. We are glad you took the time to read this. We hope that the information we have given will help you make an informed choice about getting this or any other electric bicycle. Until then, we hope that you will have a fun, safe, and good ride.

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